Global Warming Update………(you know the routine…)


All Global Warming updates will be temporarily suspended until after the ‘potentially historic’ Blizzard of 2013 has finished.  When the storm has ended, our power has been turned back on, the 24 inches of carbon footprints shoveled from our driveways, and the casualities accounted for, we can continue our discussion of how hot it is, and how we don’t get snow anymore…

Feel free to share your pictures of the global warming in your neighborhood this weekend…

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  • …of your buffoon act.  After the hottest year on record you actually think you’re mocking global warming because of a 36 hour weather event.  

    But you have accomplished one thing…you have exhausted my thesaurus of synonyms for the word buffoon.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    ‘We have been crunching the #’s and Globo Warming is [wait for it] “Worse than we thought!”