Failed Selectman Candidate & 2008 Obama Supporter Gabriel Gomez runs for Senate

Gabriel Gomez ran for and lost a Selectman race in Cohasset.

Also Gomez supported Obama in 2008 and his donations to other Democrats, including $1,000 to liberal Alan Khazei for the US Senate in 2009 could hurt him in a GOP primary fight.

His involvement with a conservative political action committee last year that was sharply critical of Obama’s treatment of the military could also prove embarrassing. The group, OPSEC, argued that Obama was politicizing sensitive national security information after the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

The group aired an attack ad that featured a former SEAL, Ben Smith, an outspoken critic of Obama, who has said the president is a socialist who was not born in the America. Others associated with OPSEC also held similar opinions.

This gentleman asks to be our Republican nominee for United States Senate.

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