EXCLUSIVE: Sullivan announces signature gathering effort

Red Mass Group has been given advance copy of a press release from Michael Sullivan where he acknowledges he is considering a US Senate run and he has launched a grassroots signature gathering campaign.

Abington, MA…Former U.S. Attorney  Mike Sullivan announced today that he is considering a run for U.S. Senate and that volunteers statewide have already begun collecting the necessary signatures to qualify him for the ballot.

“Over these past 10 days I have been giving serious consideration to entering the United States Senate race. I recognize the challenges and sacrifices to family that both a campaign and service in office involves. I was reminded by my wife Terry, however, that sacrifice is noble and service is a privilege. Having spent time in public service, I know there is no stronger calling and no better way to help improve and make a difference in other people’s lives.

“These past two days I have been overwhelmed by the ground swell of support and sacrifice by others to draft me into this race. I am humbled by friends and strangers alike who have sacrificed their personal and family time to gather signatures in order for my name to be placed on the ballot. I have been advised by some individuals, much more experienced than me, that attempting to gather signatures through volunteers with less than two weeks left is impossible. But I have decided to take on that challenge to see if we can prove the experts wrong and collect the necessary signatures through a network of volunteers.

“Today, I am kicking off a grassroots effort to get the signatures with the help of volunteers across the state. It is an enormous task, but I know that anything is possible, especially with the support and hard work of the good people of Massachusetts,” said Sullivan.

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