Donate to Red Mass Group!

It’s not too late. We all have things in our lives we take for granted and don’t really appreciate till they are gone. Let me offer a few examples ….

Ronald Reagan

96.9 FM Talk Radio


Woolworth’s Department stores

Frank Sinatra

Impartial Newspapers

Roller skating rings

Drive in theaters

Julia Childs

First love

If you care about Red Mass it’s time to make a donation. Rob does this ALL on a shoe string budget. No matter if we all agree or not – Red Mass Group is a great outlet to get the word out along with sharing opinions and new ideas.

I know many of us do NOT want to add Red Mass Group to the list above. DONATE somthing today!!

On the front page is a “hit the tip jar please” button. I donated $100.00 this morning. Not because I think Rob is always right or walks on water, but because I respect him for what is trying to do, giving Republicans and others an outlet in Massachusetts to communicate! For that alone we all owe him a debt of gratitude!

So what do you say? How about a donation right now of at least $10.00, or better yet how about $25.00!

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