Dan Winslow Routinely Contributed to Liberals and Democrats

When one Red Mass Group writer recently suggested we start a Draft Bill Weld effort, Rob Eno very wisely reminded us that Weld endorsed Barrack Obama in 2008. Why would we waste our energy & limited time on somebody who might be a Republican in registration, but definitely supported/supports liberals and Democrats?

Well, you should check out the OCPF database on mass.Gov. It lists contributions made to state legislature candidates. And it turns out that one Daniel Winslow of Norfolk has given lots of money to liberals and Democrats! Here are some of those contributions:

5/20/2005: $500 to Robert Travaglini (D)

10/20/2005: $300 to Steven Baddour (D)

10/20/2005: $300 to Joseph Wagner (D)

3/29/2006: $250 to Gerard Leone (D)

5/24/2006: $250 to John Rogers (D)

2/23/2008: $200 to Sonia Chang-Diaz (D)

12/12/2008: $500 to Martha Coakley (D)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If he only had one single contribution to say Steven Baddour (who might be a Demo but is usually conservative), it wouldnt be too big a deal. Not worth making a stink. But Martha Coakley? Bobby Trav, their old ringleader? Sonia Chang Diaz, who is one of the 2 or 3 most liberal people on Beacon Hill?? This is who Dan Winslow supports?

If that’s who Dan Winslow supports with his checkbook, I’m not gonna support him with my checkbook, or my time getting signatures or phone banking or door knocking. That would be a waste of time. At the very least, Dan Winslow should explain to Red Mass Group (and the Mass GOP and conservatives across Massachusetts) why he would support all those people with his money, especially Martha Coakley and Sonia Chang Diaz. Heck, maybe he can explain it in the comments of this post, if he ever reads Red Mass Group.

We work hard to defeat liberals like Martha Coakley & Sonia Chang Diaz, while Dan Winslow is supporting them with his money. What gives?

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