Collecting Signatures for Special Senate Election

With just 12 days to go until nomination papers must be submitted to town halls for certification, here is some information for those who want to help ensure we have one or more Republicans on the ballot.  At a minimum, please make sure you sign papers for one, some, or all of the candidates before the February 27 deadline.  And if you can, please get out there and collect signatures from neighbors and friends – or strangers.

Signature papers are available from the Secretary of State’s office, or from your State Committee members (every State Committee member was mailed a stack of blank nomination papers by the MassGOP).  You can find contact information for your SC members here.

If you’d like a list, your SC members can also supply you (or your town chair) with lists of Republicans and R-leaning Unenrolleds who live in your town or neighborhood.

The Secretary of State’s Candidate’s Guide for the special election is available here and includes all the rules on signature collecting.

Keep in mind that you can collect signatures for more than one candidate at once, and voters can sign papers for as many candidates as they want.  

I know there are many experienced signature gatherers on RMG, so please share your tips and suggestions in the comments!

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