Brad Jones, Leadership? Really

(One of the most effective members of the Caucus has been sidelined. Hopefully Rep. O’Connell will continue to lead.  If you’d like to ask Rep. Jones why O’Connell was removed from the most powerful committee in the House. The number for the Minority Leaders offce is 617-722-2100. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Rockinrandall has taken minority leader Brad Jones to task for having about $7,000 left in the Republican House PAC.  I actually defended Rep Jones on his handling of the PAC, now I wish I hadn’t.

As we are all preparing for Nemo (when did we start naming winter snow storms?) the committee assignments for the Massachusetts House of Representatives have come out and they have revealed a side of Rep Jones that, in my opinion, we do not need to see in the MA Republican Party.

Here are his assignments to House Ways and Means, perhaps the most influential committee on Beacon Hill:

Rep Beaton, Rep de Macedo, Rep D’Emilia, Rep Diehl, Rep Wong and Rep Vieira.

Notice anything interesting.  Yes, that’s right NO rep that endorsed Rick Green for MassGOP Chair was assigned Ways and Means.  The first 5 all endorsed Kirsten Hughes and Rep Vieira did not endorse. Included in the reps not assigned to Ways and Means is Shauna O’Connell who has done fantastic work with EBT abuse and reform and who was on Ways and Means last session. Appearantly endorsing Rick caused her to be assigned elsewhere.

This is not to say that the Reps assigned to Ways and Means are not hard working and good representatives, they are, but it calls into question the leadership of Rep Jones, who was an early and active supporter of Kirsten, when he appears to have weighed the endorsement of Rick Green in making his committee assignments.  So much for demonstrating Party Unity.

It’s petty and not the way to lead a minority party, but, sadly, that’s what I have come to expect from Rep Jones.

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  1. They only want it if they are outnumbered. Respect? Sure, respect their way or the highway.

  2. Didn’t most if not all of those recently appointed to House Ways & Means also serve on House Ways & Means last session?  I’m pretty sure at least D’Emilia, Wong & de Macedo were already members.  I don’t recall whether or not Vieira & Beaton were but it seems very likely that Jones didn’t remotely consider the Chairman’s race whatsoever & that this is a correlation and not causation.

  3. The Repubilcans serving upon the 2011-2012 House Ways & Means Committee were:

    Vinny deMacedo

    Daniel Webster

    Geoffrey Diehl

    Angelo D’Emilia

    Shaunna O’Connell

    Donald Wong

    Therefore, between Shaunna being out & Dan Webster not having sought re-election we have Angelo D’Emilia, Geof Diehl, Donald Wong, and Vinny deMacedo returning.  Replacing O’Connell & Webster are Vieira & Beaton.

    I have no idea why Shaunna O’Connell was not reappointed, and as my most local State Rep of the above, I wish she was!    Angelo would be next geographically here in Bristol County.  On the face of it, I don’t see some grand conspiracy to screw over a Green endorser and really, making the unsubstantiated charge merely exacerbates whatever division may be.  Now, if there was evidence of such a bias then, as previously stated, Brad Jones would be absolutely wrong to have engaged in a vendetta.  I see no reason to jump to that conclusion.  We’re better than wild conspiracy theories.  

    It’s certainly legitimate to question why Shaunna was replaced by either Vieira or Beaton.  Maybe O’Connell asked for different assignments, for example Shaunna previously served on Ways & Means, Ethics, and Personnel & Administration.  Now, Shaunna is serving upon the latter two plus Mental Health & Substance Abuse as well as Children, Families, and Disabled Persons.  Maybe Shaunna finds these committees more near and dear to her heart?  For example, mental health plays well into the recent legislative activity regarding the closure of Taunton Hospital, which is in her own city.  

    I’m speculating but nowhere near as radically as assuming some acts of vengeance.

  4. Why is Brad Jones treating women unfairly? Why isn’t there a woman on House Ways and Means? He takes off the only woman who has proven herself. Why isn’t Betty Poirier standing up for the woman in the caucus???  

  5. My personal opinion is that Brad Jones needs to go. How can we be the loyal opposition when our leader is in cahoots with the enemy. I just hope that someone is working on getting the votes to replace him with someone that will be a true watchdog for the taxpayers of this great Commonwealth. Someone that is highly respected like Jim Lyons or Shaunna O’Connell, R. Fattman, K. Kuros, etc., etc…

    God Save this Commonwealth.

  6. Demotion of Shauna has to be the most disgusting visible move that Brad Jones has made.

    And here, all along I thought he only hated the other vocal rep, Jim Lyons, who blew the whistle repeatedly, exposing Democrat corruption and waste.  Too unruly that Lyons is: he refuses to kiss Jone’s ring.

    So, is Jones just a frustrated big boy?

    Or is he a Democrat enabler?

    I think both.

    I used to like the guy. The more I learn of him, the more I understand why the Democrats control this state.

    Lonnie Brennan

  7. Brock, then what you are saying makes it even worse when he moves Shauna off Ways and Means and she is assigned to:

    Joint Committee on Children, Families and Disabled Persons

    Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse

    House Committee on Ethics

    House Committee on Personnel and Administration

    As an outsider looking in this looks to be a demotion.  Is it because she didn’t do a good job last session?  I don’t know anyone who would say that she did a bad job last session.  She was awesome and brought about some needed reforms on EBT and other abuses.  An issue she continues to pursue with vigor and one that would have been helped by remaining on Ways and Means.  So why was she reassigned?  Look to the commonalities and see the endorsement similarities and  they shout out a story.

    Sur, could be wrong and will spend time looking at all the other committee assignments to see if the pattern hold with other committees as well, but this makes Rep Jones look like he is not working to bring the Party together, something that Kerry Healey spoke about at length during yesterday’s IOP event.

  8. And what does it say when Rep O’Connell, who served on Ways and Means last session is not assigned to that committee this session in favor of a 100% male Republican contingent?

    I would hope that our newly elected chair, elected but one week ago, explains how this actions help attract more women into the MassGOP.

    Brock, you can argue correlation vs. causation all you want, but the optics of the assignments to Ways and Means are terrible and Rep Jones is responsible for that fact.

  9. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    O’Connell was.

    Its simple.

  10. you’re really well versed, articulate and politically savvy, but you are forever blind when it comes to our GOP and/or the establishment, which, if they had their way, would be one and the same.  “However, isn’t it entirely likely that Jones is attempting to circulate some new blood into the very important position while maintaining some degree of continuity at the same time?”

    Jones?  New blood?  So he wants new blood on that committee, but no new blood in his office, or anywhere else where he can control. AND, he takes out one of our fastest rising stars?

    Wake up Brock.  New blood is a threat to Jones and interrupts his cozy relationship with Patrick and Power.  If he wanted new blood, or unity for that matter, he would have passed the baton to one of our outstanding freshmen (though no longer freshmen)who came in with a roar, and are the only hope for our GOP or Republican party.  We NEED new blood, but Jones is intent on sucking it dry, and moreover, stands for anything but NEW BLOOD.  

  11. I haven’t the slightest idea why Shaunna wasn’t reassigned to Ways & Means, certainly a Republican who will be missed in that position.  However, isn’t it entirely likely that Jones is attempting to circulate some new blood into the very important position while maintaining some degree of continuity at the same time?

    I’m not trying to defend Brad but automatically jumping to the conclusion of members of the GOP caucus being punished is a leap that doesn’t necessarily need to be made much less be accurate.  

    Now, looking for potential patterns, commonalities, etc… sure, no harm in that.  I don’t expect that a correlation will be found, much less a causation.  However, if punishment was an intention then I would agree with you that it would be grossly inappropriate.  

  12. Simple J. Malarkey

    the Committee on Children, Families and Disabled Persons and Mental Health and Substance Abuse committee are still great platforms for her to bang her EBT drum.  

    I love hanging around here, where there is a conspiracy in every shadow.  Leave a few thousand bucks in an account for prudence and your accused of losing four elections; try and make everyone happy with committee assignments and your accused of conspiring with someone just elected HOURS AGO!  I have thanked you folks lately for the great entertainment you give!

  13. Do you really think that the Legislative Caucus, or in particular Brad, runs his actions through Kirsten, or any other, chairman?  The short answer is no.

    In fact, historically the two sides rarely work in collaboration & we could use a lot closer interaction.  That’s one hope I have coming out of March’s “Summit” between the State Committee & Legislative Caucus.  

    Chairman Hughes has nothing to explain.  If you’re correct then Brad Jones would have explaining to do.

    You worry about optics, I’ll stick to facts.  You can argue perception is reality but facts are reality.  Prove Jones is being vindictive & then his being pilloried in this post is more than legitimate.  Until such time, it’s so much fear & rumor mongering.  

    Here’s a newsflash, I’m a conservative Republican and I don’t subscribe to gender based affirmative action.  Rep. O’Connell did a great job on Ways & Means and her tenure will be greatly missed.  I’m sure the newly assigned will do just as fine of a job.  Shaunna will excel on each & every committee she is currently upon.

  14. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno


    O’CONNELL wanted Ways and Means.  Brad removed her.  Why?  

  15. Not being a caucus member or staffer thereof, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue.  I’m not a fan of either conspiracy theories or automatically leaping to a negative conclusion.  Until shown otherwise, I’ll give Jones the benefit of the doubt that his decisions were made for positive reasons and in the bests of interests.

    If there is evidence that O’Connell was bounced out due to her support for Rick Green then that was a very, very wrong thing to do on Brad’s part.  Preference for either Kirsten Hughes or Rick shouldn’t have played a roll in any assignments.

    One thing is certain, as we were talking of optics earlier it certainly doesn’t help to give even the impression of punishing or rewarding supporters of Hughes or Green.

    No offense at all intended to Beaton or Vieira but all things being equal, I’d have preferred Shaunna stay on Ways & Means.

  16. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    Thats the number, ask Brad.

  17. Rep. Lyons and Rep. Lombardo did get assigned to the Global Warming committee, but they did get the other committees they wanted.

    This was all directed at State Rep Shaunna O’Connell.

    This is because Shaunna will not back down to the Democrats, unlike Jones who just wants to be friends with them.

    This is no way to treat Reps that are performing above and beyond expectations who are working hard to fight for the taxpayer and against government waste. Shaunna is a champion for us !

    Shaunna O’Connell has done a remarkable job and continues to make great strides that are meaningful. She’s not marking time. She’s working hard to make a difference in this state’s government, and she is succeeding extraordinarily well.

    Shaunna should be rewarded for her outstanding service. She should stay on Ways and Means. No other State Rep has made such a significant difference to fix this state’s broken and bloated government. We need her on Ways and Means.

  18. and I’m not remotely convinced that Shaunna was punished for being a Green supporter.

    I find a lot of ax grinding, grudge holding, and conspiracy theorizing but no facts, only conjecture that makes those putting it forth feel better.  

  19. In fact, just for fun, I’d like to hear it.  But, it doesn’t mean it won’t be something politically correct to cover for ineptitude, or worth any salt.  Fact is, it shouldn’t have been done.  Period.  Stupid move, and really no justifiable reason or answer.

  20. We absolutely need new blood in the MassGOP Legislative Caucus.  We also need to stop jumping to every radical conclusion at the far end of the spectrum to automatically indulge in self-pleasing conspiracy theories.

    Jones doesn’t need a defense by me, nor will he get it as he’s a big boy & can do that himself if deemed necessary.  However, I don’t need to wake up but rather some people need to calm down & stop trying to find — actively seek out — reasons to be upset.  Forget a party, we need to be individual people, who stop trying to self-destruct and devolve into some Hatfields & McCoys gang mentality.  Not everything is the conspiracy.  Brad Jones isn’t the High Priest of the Illuminati.  There isn’t some exclusive cabal up in Boston that sit behind vault-like closed doors around an expensive mahogany table sipping the finest spirits, smoking Cuban cigars, twisting their handlebar mustaches constantly scheming as to how they can screw over other members of the party.

    Legitimate differences of opinion and thus disagreement, absolutely, but everything I’ve read & learned about this situation leads me to believe one thing…too many people are too ready to demonize their favorite target.

    Indulge in black helicopter belief and worrying about MassGOP version the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and Masonic plots (maybe it’s because I’m a Knight of Columbus that the Masons don’t let me be privy to their secret MassGOP dealings).  

    Me?  I’ll worry about electing local candidates, a few upcoming special elections, growing our party, and the things that I can actually effect rather than getting lost & wasting my time on conspiracy theories that serve no purpose but division and self-satisfaction.  

  21. doesn’t mean there isn’t just cause for us to be disgusted with our too few Republican “leaders”.  Wish it were that you could entertain us as we do you.  Instead we must tolerate your pesky annoyances that lend nothing of substance.  What’s it like knowing you’re like the Miskito that just buzzes annoyingly until someday you will be crushed like the bug you are?

    Note:  We aren’t opposed to hearing views from the left.  We just like them to occasionally have a modicum of substance to them.  

  22. a few upcoming special elections, growing our party, and the things that I can actually effect …”

    Brock, it’s not like the GOP or Brad haven’t given us plenty to criticize.  We are few in numbers and their behavior has caused the disconnect among the very grassroots and conservatives they should be unifying with, not pushing away.  No conspiracy theory here.  Just outright disgust and disappointment in very many things that should have, and could have been handled differently.

    As to quoting you above, exactly!  If only it were that it was Jones’ and the GOP’s focus all along. NOT THE CASE.

    I would still maintain you represent all that is good in our party except you align to readily and frequently with the establishment.  Just sayin’.

  23. I don’t “align” myself with anyone and if there was demonstrable proof that Brad Jones punished Shaunna O’Connell for supporting Rick Green then, as I’ve already stated, Brad would be absolutely wrong in doing so.  I’ve seen a whole lot of words on a computer screen about it but nothing that adds up to evidence but rather so much conjecture.

    Now, I’ll even grant you that I can understand why there may be distrust of Brad.  As I’ve also said, I have no interest in defending him on this matter but rather suggest that we stop leaping to conclusions and always assuming the worst and  trying to crusade to rend the party asunder.

    Shaunna had done great things since being elected State Rep & I look forward to many more years of her service.  

    Maybe if we were a little less concerned about the soap opera melodrama of who is so-called aligned with who we could actually get some positive work done, shoulder-to-shoulder with those we’re currently supposed to be in fear of, reject, or otherwise eye with suspicion.  Let’s save that for the liberal Democrats.  

  24. Exhibit 1 of the utter insanity of these grand conspiracies & demands for “optics”.

    It’s one thing to discuss, debate, and even argue about Jones and his not having reappointed O’Connell to the Ways & Means Committee but to allege that Brad is “treating women unfairly” is absolutely absurd.

    Shaunna did a fine job on Ways & Means and she wasn’t put there because of a woman last session and she wasn’t taken off this session because she was a woman.  

    This is a prime example of leaping to the most illogical and immature extreme.  

  25. Simple J. Malarkey

    …I enjoy it very much being a Miskito, I learned well from Rob when he first did this stick at BMG.

    In terms of not offering a “modicum of substance”, I can’t do anything about your reading comprehension.  Let me try again: O’Connell still has a perfect platform to raise her EBT concerns, as a member of two committees she now serves on.  Also, as mentioned above, to suggest, as you do, that this was an act of retribution from the Chair Election of last week is absurd.  You offer not one shred of evidence, yet you make sweeping, slanderous charges which border on delusional.  

    I know this opinion is not something you agree with, but it offers far more substance than your ludicrous charges.    

  26. another example of non-substance.  Notwithstanding that I made no ludicrous charges, you miss the point on Shauna, and Jones, entirely.  For 1, the issues with Jones are cumulative disappointment if not outright disgust, and as far as “O’Connell still has a perfect platform to raise her EBT concerns…”, Shauna can do that from any platform, JONES is criticized for REMOVING her from the Ways and Means.  Comprehend yet?

  27. (said tongue in cheek), but for all intents and purposes, the ONLY thing that our ‘leader’ (said sarcastically) should be doing with Shauna O’Connell or any of the other bright new stars in our party is elevating them, and giving them more and more power and visibility.  They are the best, maybe the only thing we have going for us right now.  Removing her from anything, for any reason is/was a big mistake.  I’m not saying conspiracy while others may think such.  I’m saying STUPID and perhaps self serving in that he doesn’t like the encroachment by those that do more and better than him.  Can you say the Jones Patrick Bill?

  28. Well, I suppose stupid is a better value judgement then conspiracy theory.  As a Bristol County resident, losing Shaunna on Ways & Means is certainly not something that makes me happy.

  29. Simple J. Malarkey

    …and you make no suggestion that it had everything to do with the GOP chair election.  Please.

  30. Brock, let’s not play games here. Of course he wouldn’t run it through the Chairman.

    He wouldn’t necessarily run it by anyone. But anyone who knows what goes on in the MA-GOP knows that the establishment King-makers are not happy with the people who broke ranks.

    And this is not the only retribution we’re seeing.

    There are State Committee people on Facebook, openly questioning whether Holley Robichaud will every get on Fox News once Scott Brown is hired.

    You can read the kind of pettiness we’ve grown to expect.

    Read it for yourselves.

    Bill Palmer

    Scott Brown in talks with Fox News | Boston Herald

    The network recently cut ties with former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and former presidential advisor Dick Morris.

    Like · · Unfollow Post · Share · Wednesday at 7:26pm near Boston

       Kim Palmer If this moves forward can’t imagine Holly Robichaud Will be getting air time on Fox any time soon-

       Yesterday at 7:16am via mobile · Like · 1

       Bill Palmer Be careful of the toe’s you step on today-they might be connected to the a** you have to kiss tomorrow comes to mind..

       Yesterday at 7:27am · Like · 1

       Susan Blais Bill you crack me up!

    The bottom line is that the establishment came close to loosing for the first the time in decades and they are freaking out. They saw how close the vote was. They know it won’t take much to tip the balance and return the party to the people. They are now desperate to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    Rather than reaching out to the activists in an attempt to mover forward, rather than cleaning up corruption, the back room deals, and the heavy-handed tactics, they are resorting to the only tactics they know how to use.

    But it won’t work Brock. The King-makers can either start working with the activists, showing us respect, or they will become irrelevant. And those holding office ought to be especially careful.

    We have serious problems in this state; we a lot of work to do. The Republican party has the answers that the state needs. So the consultants, King-makers, and establishment, need to decide if they want to move forward, or we’ll move forward without them.  The MA-GOP isn’t their little toy.  

  31. the above, over, and over and over again:

    This succinctly summarizes where the party is, and kudos to those, (myself regrettably deserving of NO CREDIT), who brought the party to where it is today.  And by that I mean a mere one half (1/2) of a person short of returning the party TO THE PEOPLE.  

    Enough of the old regime that has contentedly kept the party floundering under 11% so they could be the big fish in the little puddle. At a time when the GOP should be working harder than ever to save our country, never mind party, and when all the talk is how they are on life support, if not dead, the establishment, king makers, (of what I might ask),  pull some of the sleaziest crap we want only to accuse Democrats of, and push and drive people away.

    SHAME on them!  Far worse than shame on them when our country and party is in such peril!  

    Congrats and thank you to all those boots on the ground and grassroots that have overcome every obstacle put forth by the GOP.  You’re ALMOST there, and that is why things have gotten so ugly.  Desperation brings out the worst in people, and calling for accountability is the only way to win, even against the Democrats.  If only the establishment had taken this route so long ago, and against the Democrats, instead of going along to get along…for all these years.

    Carry on Grassroots, and keep up the good works!

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