Brad Jones, Leadership? Really

(One of the most effective members of the Caucus has been sidelined. Hopefully Rep. O’Connell will continue to lead.  If you’d like to ask Rep. Jones why O’Connell was removed from the most powerful committee in the House. The number for the Minority Leaders offce is 617-722-2100. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Rockinrandall has taken minority leader Brad Jones to task for having about $7,000 left in the Republican House PAC.  I actually defended Rep Jones on his handling of the PAC, now I wish I hadn’t.

As we are all preparing for Nemo (when did we start naming winter snow storms?) the committee assignments for the Massachusetts House of Representatives have come out and they have revealed a side of Rep Jones that, in my opinion, we do not need to see in the MA Republican Party.

Here are his assignments to House Ways and Means, perhaps the most influential committee on Beacon Hill:

Rep Beaton, Rep de Macedo, Rep D’Emilia, Rep Diehl, Rep Wong and Rep Vieira.

Notice anything interesting.  Yes, that’s right NO rep that endorsed Rick Green for MassGOP Chair was assigned Ways and Means.  The first 5 all endorsed Kirsten Hughes and Rep Vieira did not endorse. Included in the reps not assigned to Ways and Means is Shauna O’Connell who has done fantastic work with EBT abuse and reform and who was on Ways and Means last session. Appearantly endorsing Rick caused her to be assigned elsewhere.

This is not to say that the Reps assigned to Ways and Means are not hard working and good representatives, they are, but it calls into question the leadership of Rep Jones, who was an early and active supporter of Kirsten, when he appears to have weighed the endorsement of Rick Green in making his committee assignments.  So much for demonstrating Party Unity.

It’s petty and not the way to lead a minority party, but, sadly, that’s what I have come to expect from Rep Jones.

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  • Sawx75

    They only want it if they are outnumbered. Respect? Sure, respect their way or the highway.

  • Didn’t most if not all of those recently appointed to House Ways & Means also serve on House Ways & Means last session?  I’m pretty sure at least D’Emilia, Wong & de Macedo were already members.  I don’t recall whether or not Vieira & Beaton were but it seems very likely that Jones didn’t remotely consider the Chairman’s race whatsoever & that this is a correlation and not causation.

  • The Repubilcans serving upon the 2011-2012 House Ways & Means Committee were:

    Vinny deMacedo

    Daniel Webster

    Geoffrey Diehl

    Angelo D’Emilia

    Shaunna O’Connell

    Donald Wong

    Therefore, between Shaunna being out & Dan Webster not having sought re-election we have Angelo D’Emilia, Geof Diehl, Donald Wong, and Vinny deMacedo returning.  Replacing O’Connell & Webster are Vieira & Beaton.

    I have no idea why Shaunna O’Connell was not reappointed, and as my most local State Rep of the above, I wish she was!    Angelo would be next geographically here in Bristol County.  On the face of it, I don’t see some grand conspiracy to screw over a Green endorser and really, making the unsubstantiated charge merely exacerbates whatever division may be.  Now, if there was evidence of such a bias then, as previously stated, Brad Jones would be absolutely wrong to have engaged in a vendetta.  I see no reason to jump to that conclusion.  We’re better than wild conspiracy theories.  

    It’s certainly legitimate to question why Shaunna was replaced by either Vieira or Beaton.  Maybe O’Connell asked for different assignments, for example Shaunna previously served on Ways & Means, Ethics, and Personnel & Administration.  Now, Shaunna is serving upon the latter two plus Mental Health & Substance Abuse as well as Children, Families, and Disabled Persons.  Maybe Shaunna finds these committees more near and dear to her heart?  For example, mental health plays well into the recent legislative activity regarding the closure of Taunton Hospital, which is in her own city.  

    I’m speculating but nowhere near as radically as assuming some acts of vengeance.

  • Why is Brad Jones treating women unfairly? Why isn’t there a woman on House Ways and Means? He takes off the only woman who has proven herself. Why isn’t Betty Poirier standing up for the woman in the caucus???  

  • My personal opinion is that Brad Jones needs to go. How can we be the loyal opposition when our leader is in cahoots with the enemy. I just hope that someone is working on getting the votes to replace him with someone that will be a true watchdog for the taxpayers of this great Commonwealth. Someone that is highly respected like Jim Lyons or Shaunna O’Connell, R. Fattman, K. Kuros, etc., etc…

    God Save this Commonwealth.

  • Demotion of Shauna has to be the most disgusting visible move that Brad Jones has made.

    And here, all along I thought he only hated the other vocal rep, Jim Lyons, who blew the whistle repeatedly, exposing Democrat corruption and waste.  Too unruly that Lyons is: he refuses to kiss Jone’s ring.

    So, is Jones just a frustrated big boy?

    Or is he a Democrat enabler?

    I think both.

    I used to like the guy. The more I learn of him, the more I understand why the Democrats control this state.

    Lonnie Brennan