Why do people have guns?

I am not a hunter, and I don’t see much sport in shooting a deer or a moose – unless of course the deer or moose has a gun and can fight back. But I can see the beauty of a group of men out enjoying the weather shooting game (with guns) as sport or for food.  As a purist, I would guess that if I had to hunt for my food I would chose to jump from a tree and stab and wrestle the beast.  Even then it would be hard as they are such wonderful, powerful creatures.

I am not a target shooter either.  This though seems like a lot of fun!  Clearly target shooting with a gun is so much fun that it has likely inspired more video and arcade games than any other single hobby in the world.  Have you ever watched ‘MythBusters’?  They always get excited when they get a chance to bring out the guns and challenge a few myths about guns and what they can do.  

How about having a gun as part of your job?  Well there are many people that need guns both to protect themselves and others, or to ensure the goods they possess.  Security guards usually have guns because the people that want to take the stuff they protect are willing to kill them to get it.  President Obama has just signed legislation to extend his secret service protection for the rest of his life. Funny how he is against having guns, but demands that all the folks around him have them!  Forever!

Some people collect guns!  Guns have an illustrious history in this great nation.  They become valuable based on who used them – just like a Stradivarious!  I imagine Bonnie and Clyde’s guns sold at auction for a bundle..

Some people use them to defend their home and their family.  This is probably the most important reason!  If you’re home alone and some deranged individual starts to knock down the back door – it is little consolation that the police are a phone call away.  Heck, a large cheese pizza is a phone call away!  There is a movement in this country to take away your right to a gun.  Liberals are quick to tell people what they have rights to, guns are not one of them, but it is one of the few actually mentioned in the Constitution.  If they are determined to take away our ‘right’ then they should start working toward a constitutional amendment.  Using an executive order is not the way real Americans would do it.  

Guns kill people.  It is not what they are made for, but they do it really well nonetheless.  Knowing that, people should have them in case they are alone, or with children, and some deranged person decides to attack.  Those people deserve to die.

Sure, there are other ways to defend yourself.  A knife works well, as does a baseball bat, but those things require a healthy dose of luck, which you wouldn’t want to rely on when a killer is breaking into your house.  When a killer is forcing his way into your house and it is mere seconds before he gets through and forces his awful will upon you or your children a gun is the only thing that will make sense to him.  

The beauty of a gun is that everyone understands perfectly well what it can do.  It kills you!  It is fast and furious and never leaves a doubt in anyone’s mind about what could happen next.  All it takes is the pull of a single trigger to end the madness.  This is generally why people call the police in the first place – police have guns.  Would you bother calling the cops if they didn’t have guns?  I wouldn’t.  What are they going to do – show up and throw donuts at the killer?  Criminals don’t want to be around when a guy with the gun shows up – especially one with a badge as well.  They understand!  

Personally, I do not own a gun.  Probably never will.  But, I defend everyone else’s right to have one seeing as it is in the CONSTITUTION!  The Founding Fathers knew how very important guns were to our personal and national security.  I will not argue that the federal government wants to take them so they can more forcefully govern us.  That argument is for someone else.  But there is something amiss when members of a political party want us to easily give up our right to a Constitutionally protected item.  Having a gun is no less a right than is freedom of speech and the right to worship in our own religion.  

Guns are the one right that protects the other rights.  The Founding Fathers knew that too.  

Why do you have a gun?

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    I also want to get my FID card so I can buy an M6 Scout.  It’s a 22 riffle with a 4 ten shotgun over/under (I hope I used the right lingo).  

    Then I want to get an AK47 because my parents want to get a lake house in ME.  And these 2 freeks want something remote so I’m afraid for the grandkids.  It’s bear country.

  • bad people exist…..from the POS that thinks he’s going to get something from my house, endanger my family, let my cat out…..to the MS13 gangbanger looking to rape my daughter as an initiation…to the communists SOB politicians selected to abuse their office and ignore their Constitutional limits and exact oppressive control over every aspect of my life.

    When the guy busted in my apartment a decade ago, I wish I had an AR-15 and not just myself and my 1911 and my roommate with his S+W.

    ….make that an AR15 with a handful of 30-round magazines.

  • It’s a lot easier to mug someone, rob a bank or invade a home, gang rape a family and steal their belongings if you own a gun. Knives are good, but then you have to chase people around to get close enough to stab them, which is tiring.

  • Anyone moving serious weight needs to have a good arsenal close at hand, or else someone will just take all their dope and they will owe thousands of dollars to their supplier, who will probably shoot them. Oh yeah, guns are good for getting people to stay quiet.

  • gary
  • Because I can.  

    I’m not a hunter.  I’d rather shoot photos of wildlife rather than shoot bullets at them.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the tasty results of a hunt but it’s just not my enjoyment.  Many, if not most, of my fellow gun club members are hunters as well as a few friends.

    I do enjoy target shooting.  I want to get involved with IDPA, military & black powder shoots.

    I certainly value my ability to protect myself & my family.

    Why do I have a gun?  I want to exercise my Constitutional rights as a citizen of the United States of America.

  • In your 6th paragraph you say they are not made to kill people.  OK.  Then can you tell me what an instrument that projects lead into a body (or a human or animal) cause extensive internal injuries that, untreated, often results in death?  

  • Police: Accused shoplifter attacks Lowe’s worker with drill

    The headline from today’s edition of the Standard-Times is a bit misleading as it leaves out another weapon, a syringe.

    DARTMOUTH – Wielding a drill and a syringe, a New Bedford man attacked a Lowe’s worker who accused him of shoplifting Saturday, police said.


    There have been a rash of robberies in New Bedford lately, mostly using knives or fists.  Undoubtedly, some criminals brandished guns but are we going to ban drills, syringes, knives & fists?

    I worked in retail for 14 years and I know full well that plenty of our customers carried concealed firearms.  You could often see the outline of the firearm through the clothing.  That said, I don’t ever recall an incidence of a a customer coming in and brandishing a weapon, certainly not in the commitment of a crime.

    I do recall a detained shoplifter who cut themselves and threatened those in the room with allegedly AIDS infected blood.  But no, I don’t recall gun issues in my experience.

    As tonight is my monthly gun club meeting, I tend to find those individuals carrying concealed are the most law abiding citizens.