Thinking More About the State Chairman’s Election

At the end of the day, I think I ended up making close to 7000 calls for Scott Brown, hit probably close to 1000 doors, and did whatever else was asked of me out of the Worcester campaign office along the way.

We lost big.

At the end of the day, I think I ended up making close to 7000 calls for Tom Wesley during the red wave year of 2010, hit hundreds of doors, and did whatever I could out of his Douglas office.

We lost bigger in a year that Republicans swept the nation and even did pretty well in very local races.

I probably hit about 1000 doors and made about 1000 calls in Peter Durant’s re-election bid after  he got his first win taken from him in 2010.

In that one, we won by around 50 votes.

Yes, Scott Brown won in the 2010 special.  It was a special time, with the health care bill and with someone willing to put the work in.  We caught the Democrats off-guard, and it worked out quite well in our favor.  Since then, though, especially as someone who puts more blood, sweat, and tears in than most, it’s been a pretty rough road.  The party feels split, and we’re hungry for a win.

I totally get why people like Rick Green with this in mind.  Especially as someone who leans more libertarian on a whole, I understand the frustration following the RNC delegate debacle, and I get the need to refocus on the grassroots.

After my local RNC meeting on Thursday, however, I think I understand why we need Kirsten Hughes as chair.  I’m a convert, and if you’re a committee-person who has a vote one way or the other (or a hardcore volunteer who might have the ear of your local committee-person), I hope you’ll talk to them about supporting Kirsten Hughes this week.

1) She gets the need for grassroots support.  She started out as one of us, and she gets the importance of boots-on-the-ground support – the same kind of support that got Brown into office in 2010, the same kind of support that pushed Durant over the edge in the special, the same kind of support that has great Central Massachusetts representatives in office now like Ryan Fattman and Matt Beaton.  It’s the same type of blueprint that the Republicans got beat on this year – Hughes gets it, and she’ll be able to steer the party better in that direction.

2) She’s a conservative like all of us.  Maybe she’s not as libertarian as you want.  Maybe she may not match up on every issue you want her to – I promise that she doesn’t for me, much like Scott Brown didn’t.  But she’s not going to betray us, she’s going to be a supporter of the local candidates that we need to build a bench capable of taking on a Democratic machine in this state that has a significant head start on us.

3) Sh has the credentials: $30m for Scott Brown.  A significant win in an urban Democratic city.  She spearheaded arguably the best year MassGOP has had in my lifetime in 2010.  She knows what has to happen to get our candidates to win, and while I have no qualms with Rick Green as a person or as a political activist, Green simply cannot match up with Hughes’s resume.

4) Special election season starts this week.  Hughes has been down this road before – at the end of the day, we have a good shot at getting back a seat in the Senate and helping the national GOP have an extra vote to halt President Obama’s agenda and the agenda of the Democratic Party.  Say what you want about Scott Brown, but in a year where our First and Second Amendment rights are in the most perilous state we’ve seen in some time, with judicial nominees that may be the difference between the government respecting or discarding your basic religious and economic freedoms, are you willing to gamble Scott Brown possibly not running for a seat we all know he can win?

I wish I had a vote this week.  If I did, I’d be casting it for Kirsten Hughes.  I am fully convinced that she is the MassGOP chairperson that we need.  And I’m also fully convinced that she’ll be hearing from me quite a bit on matters of liberty, of conscience, and of supporting local candidates the way we need them to be supported by MassGOP.

And she’ll listen to us.  Because, at the end of the day?  Kirsten Hughes knows what it’s like to hammer out the calls, wear out the treads in our sneakers, and suffer in the freezing cold for a candidate in a state that’s never a sure thing for a conservative.

She’s one of us.  She needs to be state committee chair.

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