The Overreach

The Globe wonders why Patrick has taken so long to roll out the massvie tax increases.  Misses obvious answer: there are so many.

Globe reports on the Several Person Protest for Gun Control, front page: Thousands March for Gun Control in Washington. (there were 200 protesters in Boston).  Consider headlines for a conservative rally, say Restoring Honor in 2010 by Glenn Beck with attendance in the hundred of thousands.  Globe Headline, not frontpaged:  Beck, Palin call for restoration of traditional values.

Aside.  I was in the Springfield Federal Building and happened to walk past the Senator Warren and Senator Kerry offices.  I ask the nearby guard if he’d ever seen the Senators.  He laughed, said that Warren stopped in to open the office and hasn’t been seen since.  Kerry, he said, has never been here. Hillary:  “what difference does that make.”

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz:  we really want that million dollor property of yours. Fine commercial location. Why buy when we can seize.

Owner: no.

Court: we agree with owner.

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz:  we’re not finished you know.

Pelosi:  This is not the end. We need more revenues.

Ed Markey annointed as Massachusetts Senator. Scott Brown, “does he even live in Massachusetts?”   Dems: OMG, he’s attacking Markey personally.  Seriously, Markey has a home in maryland and teaches college course there. Does he live in Mass or merely visit. It’s worth asking.  Hillary: “what difference does that make?”

Ever consider funding a billboard featuring the mugshots of the felon House Speakers with caption: These Massachusetts Speakers brought to you by the democratic party.  Mugshots are Public Documents that can be obtained with a request.

Governor One Gun a Month, a proposal shot down previously by the Legislature is back. I’ll go broke buying a gun every month, but apparently, it’s my civic duty.

If the esteemed editor(s) can’t update this website, perhaps it’s time for other esteemed editors.

Chelsea’s McLaughlin earns $360K; it’s a scandal but tip of iceburg? Cashing in on low cost housing.

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