The Opposite of Big Government

I’ve been thinking lately a lot about the Republican branding issue and how independents and moderates view our party. One thing that keeps sticking in my mind is a passage from Mark Steyn’s book, After America: The opposite of Big Government is not small government, but Big Liberty.

Republicans keep hammering on the small government message. But when a larger and larger portion of the population depends on government (in the form of a benefit check or a paycheck) and a larger and larger portion of the population pay no federal income tax to pay for Big Government (lots get free money in the form of tax credits even though they have no tax liability) how receptive to a message of small government are they going to be?

If we start re-framing the the debate not as Big vs. small, but as Big Government vs. Big Liberty will that make a significant difference with the independent middle?

I think it’s something to consider and dig a little deeper into. What say you RMG?

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