Summary of Proposals (To-Date) from Cavaretta and D’Arcangel​o


Dear Fellow Activists:

To-date, Malden City Councillor David D’Arcangelo and I have proposed all of the following that moderates, libertarians and social conservatives could rally around under our collective leadership.  

Using our 30 years of combined MA political experience, we have offered to –

1. Re-organize our internal operations and work with the MA State Committee to meet the challenges of our time. We have publicly called for a Region Six (Boston), a Director of Urban Outreach Position, a Multi-Deputy Chair Model, and a commitment to collaborate with all (R) and Conservative activists going forward to enlarge our grassroots capabilities.

One Example: Our outreach to as the latest instance, and our steadfast devotion to customer service for anyone dealing with the MassGOP.

2. We have proposed to change our Public Relations Strategy. Update our narrative around state and local issues, and modernize our communication capabilities to respond to all baseless, Democratic attacks and falsehoods.

3. We have committed to promoting our elected officials in the media, and highlighting best practices from our hard working activists who are conducting grassroots activities around our state, very often on their own initiative and dime.

3B.  Along those lines, we propose monthly Coffees and Office Hours with the Chairman and Executive Director to be available to meet with any voter, activist, elected official or state committee member at these designated times/locations.

3C. Along those lines, we have publicly proposed a Director of Activists’ Training Position to coordinate the strengthening of our volunteers and campaign workers.

4. Engage citizens to run for public office as Republicans by using the benchmarks and principles found in  This is the ONLY proposal (launched in 2010) offering a coordinated and fair “road map” for all (R) candidates to follow, while being a metric-based system for the State Party to use and measure individual candidates against, before expending monies or other assistance on any viable race.

5. We strongly commit to more Urban Outreach, College Outreach and increased Minority Involvement. (See Proposed Organizational Structure)

6. We propose a Chairman’s Task Force to come back with recommendations on Issues/Messaging.

7. We propose a Chairman’s Task Force to come back with recommendations on Ballet Initiatives for 2014.

8. We propose a Chairman’s Task Force to come back with recommendations on GOTV Best Practices for any Special Election in 2013 and for the November 2014 Gubernatorial Cycle.

9. We propose a Chairman’s Task Force on more effective Urban Outreach and Canvassing: The Who, What, Where, When and How

10. We are committed to full transparency and openness. All of our ideas, proposals and organizational changes are now public on our website. We have also created and placed every detail of our Chairmen’s Platform by blogging here on

Personally, as a former State Senate candidate, I have taken CLT’s No New Taxes Pledge multiple times. I have scored 100% on the GOAL Candidates Questionnaire.  

We consider ourselves classic, mainstream MA Republicans looking to improve our operations and help all members of our Party in the months and years to come.

Thank you and Have a Good Weekend,


Dean Cavaretta  

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