Some thoughts on a quote in Saturday’s Globe

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A few moments ago, I sent a letter to my colleagues on the state committee, expressing my deep concern about a quote from House Minority Leader Brad Jones that appears in Saturday’s Globe. I have re-printed the full text below.

Dear Colleagues,

In Saturday’s Boston Globe, in an article entitled “Scott Brown faces battle over party chair,” there was a very troubling quote that I wanted to bring to your attention. You can find the rest of the story here:

House minority leader Bradley H. Jones Jr., who supports Hughes, said that the party’s current focus should be on the campaign at hand. “The US Senate race is the bottom of the ticket, the top of the ticket, and the middle of the ticket,” he said. “It’s the whole thing. It’s not about competing for resources.”

The anticipated US Senate race is not the only election to be held in the Commonwealth over the next six months. Even setting aside local elections in many towns throughout the state, there will be no fewer than two special elections for state representative (12th Essex and 28th Middlesex) taking place on April 2nd.

The 28th Middlesex race is in Everett, one of the communities I represent on the state committee. Admittedly, it will be an uphill climb, but my colleague Barbara Bush and I are working hard to ensure the best outcome possible. It is our job to find strong Republican candidates and help them throughout the process.

In the 12th Essex seat (Peabody), on the other hand, there is already an announced Republican candidate, thanks to the hard work of SC members Nancy Luther and John McCarthy. This is a district that Senator Brown won by 16% in January 2010; Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei carried it by 4% later that same year and Richard won last November.

This won’t be an easy seat to win, but at least one member of the House Republican caucus (Rep. Shaunna O’Connell) and one member of the Senate Republican caucus (Sen. Michael Knapik) represent less Republican districts. Additionally, Rep. Keiko Orrall was originally elected — at a special election! — from a less Republican district in 2011. To say the least, I think it is very concerning that Minority Leader Jones appears to have forgotten about the two opportunities to increase the size of his caucus, especially given our historic ability to capitalize on special elections.

I am supporting Rick Green, as I have said publicly (, because I know he is committed to broadening our party’s focus to include both the likely US Senate race as well as races such as the two upcoming special elections. On her website, Councilor Hughes — to her credit — expresses similar desires. I hope Leader Jones’ comments, in an article where he explicitly states his support for Councilor Hughes, are not reflective of the party they will lead together.

Senator Brown would make an excellent candidate in the anticipated special election for the US Senate, and I am confident he will have our support if he decides to run. In the upcoming election for chair, however, we must decide whether we will continue the failed past policies of focusing almost exclusively on top-of-the-ticket races, or whether we will recognize the importance of a renewed commitment to electing Republicans at all levels of government in Massachusetts.  Leader Jones’ public statement again raises this critical question.

All best,

~Michael Cowett

Massachusetts GOP State Committeeman

Middlesex and Suffolk District

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