Seriously Scott?????

Hillary Chabot breaks the story we’ve all known was out there but were afraid to mention. Bravo Hillary!!!

“He’s going to have to run in a special election and face another election two years down the road if he wins,” said House Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-North Reading), who said the election of Brown’s former deputy finance director, Kirsten Hughes, is playing a role in Brown’s decision. “He might find it daunting if the party isn’t united behind him.”

So Brown IS waiting to decide to run based on who wins Mass GOP chair race? Why should it matter? I think former Senator Brown, who has happily disowned the GOP (but not their money) for a year now should answer why he is waiting. It can’t possibly be that he has some sort of understanding, can it?

I know it looks bad that his former finance gal works at Mass GOP and his other former finance gal, who used to work there, then worked for him now wants to run the state org but come on, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, no?

If I was a pessimist, which I’m not, I would think that this story was dropped today by Brown in order to scare the last few undecideds into siding with him after badgering State Committee members with personal plea phone calls for weeks. (Rumor has it Green is up by two.)

If it is the job of the chairman of the party to support party candidates, why is Brown so concerned? And why would he allow something as inconsequential as this to influence his desire to return to the Senate and do what’s best for the citizens of MA. If you want to serve, you run! Odds and lack of party support didn’t scare him off in 2010. Maybe DC really did change the guy.

I think Brown (and Jones) have jumped the shark here. A non-decision like this alienates him even more from the “People” that put him in his “Seat”. If Hughes wins, he may get the money and the “party”, but he likely won’t have the necessary grassroots to get him over. And not because of party unity but because of shenanigans like this.

Can we leave the hack appointments to the Democrats? They’re much better at hiding it.

So glad I’m not a party politics girl!!!…

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