Senators are supposed to live in Washington

Scott Brown and Ed Markey seem to be mixed up about what house they serve in. Representatives are expected to stay closely in touch with their local constituents and serve their concerns first, while Senators are expected to put their state’s interests aside and serve the national interests. Senators aren’t supposed to be on the plane every weekend. Markey has apparently started to believe he is a Senator already, but at least he is attempting to reconcile himself into the proper job. Perhaps Brown should run for Markey’s seat, or James McGovern’s, if he likes flying back and forth and fighting for his neighbors against the rest of the country.

Washington is, after all, named after the father of the country:

Washington’s General Orders given at Cambridge, July 4, 1775

“The Continental Congress having now taken all the Troops of the several Colonies, which have been raised, or which may be hereafter raised, for the support and defence of the Liberties of America; into their Pay and Service: They are now the Troops of the United Provinces of North America; and it is hoped that all Distinctions of Colonies will be laid aside; so that one and the same spirit may animate the whole, and the only contest be, who shall render, on this great and trying occasion, the most essential Service to the great and common cause in which we are all engaged.”

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