Pity from BMG

A friend pointed me to Blue Mass Group, which I had only seen once before (to look at their tech platform). He wanted me to look at something, then I noticed this comment by a regular over there.

The Mass GOP is letting us down.

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I really wish the Mass GOP were better. I wish they had better leadership, and, I wish they tried to campaign on issues.

If the Mass GOP provided better competition, then we would be forced to also be better. Scott Brown caused us to develop a great field operation, for example. Our field response to Brown allowed us to win in 2010 and 2012.

Because their leadership is weak, and because they have no new ideas, the Mass GOP is letting us down.

bluewatch   @   Mon 14 Jan 1:47 PM

This struck me as completely sincere, and from someone who takes their citizenship very seriously.

When I read that, I lowered my head in shame.

What are we doing.

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