Patrick thinks $38K/yr makes you rich!

Deval Patrick thinks that people making $38,000/yr are rich.  That’s who he wants to increase state taxes on.  Even Obama would not call anyone making less that $200,000/yr rich.  

Patrick is so consumed with creating his legacy…more rail, more education money for Lawrence and Holyoke…that he doesn’t even care about pretending to be soaking the rich.

Republicans- this is our issue.  Even the Boston Globe is criticizing Patrick.  We can not let the Dem Legislature agree to only raise taxes by $1B and then claim to have saved the taxpayers.  This tax bill must go down in flames….all of it.  Republicans can make tremendous strides with Patrick’s massive over reach.  We need the Republicans in the Legislature to lead the charge!!!!!  And if they don’t then Republicans in MA are done!!!

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