MassGOP Chairman Campaign Update from Kirsten Hughes

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I discovered this email from Kirsten Hughes to all the State Committee members.  As usual, it has been reproduced here as exactly as possible.  Likewise, in the interest of full disclosure I am an endorser of Kirsten Hughes for MassGOP Chairman.

Dear State Committee Members,

I hope you all had a happy New Year and a very happy holiday season. The last few weeks have certainly been exciting – John Philip, the newest member of the Hughes family and a future Party activist arrived in late December. Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and well wishes.

Running for Party Chair has been a goal of mine since I worked in the field for the MassGOP and after winning my own race for elected office. The decision to throw my hat in the ring was not an easy one, but has proven to be the right one. Over the past few weeks, sharing my vision for our Party and hearing from so many of you about your own experiences and ideas on how we can improve technology, communication and resource allocation has focused my vision for the future. I look forward to further discussing with each of you what we need to do to put us in the best position to add more seats in the Legislature and grow our farm team in preparation for the 2014 election cycle.    

Starting with an event tonight in Region 2, I will be hosting regional meetings with state committee members focused on the future of our Party and how we can work together to grow our grassroots and voter base. Your leadership is the foundation for our Party’s future success and the next Chair should be a reflection of your dedication and passion. I believe I’m the candidate who can best deliver your message to the voters and am grateful to have earned the endorsements of so many state committee members, Party leaders, and Senator Scott Brown. Just this morning I was honored to receive the endorsements of Minority Leader Brad Jones and 10 other state representatives! Please take a moment to visit my campaign website and add your name to our growing list of supporters.

Talking to fellow Republicans across Massachusetts, there is growing concern that our recent electoral setback may result in a retreat to a narrow and exclusionary set of guiding principles.  As a member of our Party’s farm team, in my capacity as city councilor in the Democratic stronghold of Quincy, I can tell you that exclusion is not a recipe for success. If elected Chair, from day one until Election Day in 2014, my singular focus will be to support each and every Republican candidate running for office.

We have all experienced the predictable byproducts of a one-party state: corruption, waste, and abuse of power. However, our resolve is not weakened by the challenges before us.  Our determination only grows stronger to bring real accountability to all levels of government. If I am fortunate to earn your vote and lead our Party, we will overcome these roadblocks by working together to put our common goal above all else – electing more Republicans to town committees, city councils, to Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill.

I am committed to earning your vote and leading the charge to a successful Election Day in November 2014. Working together, I know we will succeed.  



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