Mass GOP – what is it really?

What is the Mass GOP?  Is it the state committee members, executive staff or is it the active participates in the grass roots?

I’ve heard from people and in another post (I just read)that unless Kristen wins the Mass GOP Chair, Scott Brown wont run.  

Who cares, this organization shouldn’t be about one Senate seat that Scott won because we worked are asses off for him.  Scott wouldn’t endorse anyone else that was running for office in 2012.  (Why)

Where was Scott using his Republican credentials in this state?  He didn’t even go to the National Convention and speak for Mitt.  Elizabeth Warren spoke and got national attention, Scott shy’s away from being a Republican.  His motto was the person not the party, sorry that didn’t help lift the party.  The line everyone was being feed was that his victory would be what helped got everyone else elected.  

The victory offices were to be used only for making phone calls for him, you couldn’t change the scripts if you wanted to make calls for a state rep seat.

But hey they raised 30 million dollars and still lost! It’s not about the money.  Its about the organization!  He had the tea party people behind him in 2010 he lost them in 2012, and he will never get them again after his vote on the UN treaty.

Why does this organization revolve around one race or one person?  That’s what is wrong with the Mass GOP.

I hope to get lit up by people after this post but really, we need to look at the long term not each big election as the goal.

If we have a Chair that speaks for the activists then we will have the start to a winning organization.  If we have a chair that only cares about the top of the ticket we will continue to lose.

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