Kirsten Hughes 11+ Year Record of Non-Voting?

(Supporters of Ms. Hughes are welcome to write a post on RMG presenting evidence of Ms. Hughes voting record, such as a certified voter turnout list available from any town or city clerk’s office in the Commonwealth, with Kirsten Hughes name on it, from any of the elections in question from 1998-2009.  

Individuals have sent screen grabs of on-line voter information to RMG as “evidence”.  However, the source material, not to mention the source whom presented it, are highly suspect, and not acceptable at face value, nor do I believe the readership of RMG would find it as such.  If the sources feel otherwise, present it.  

However, late night phone calls raft with shouting at purveyors of blogs is not evidence.

Which still leaves questions, as commentator mecowett aptly put it:

“Either she was here, and an activist, and didn’t vote. That’s a problem.

Alternately, she voted somewhere else, which means she wasn’t here, and wasn’t all that much of an activist in the MassGOP until recently. That would also be a problem — even more of one, frankly.

I don’t really see an obvious third option here. She was an activist here but chose to vote somewhere else? Doesn’t seem to make sense.” – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

As the race for MassGOP State Chair enters its final days, the question of whom will be the best advocate for Republican principles to the voters of Massachusetts is foremost on many minds.  However, how can one ask their fellow citizen to cast their vote for the Grand Old Party when they have repeatedly failed to do so here in Massachusetts?

According to the City of Quincy’s City Clerk’s Office, Chair candidate Kirsten Hughes doesn’t have a record of voting for over 11 years, only re-registering in 2009 for her then-boss, state Senator Scott Brown, in his race for U.S. Senate.

Originally registered to vote in 1998, Ms. Hughes may not have voted in any Massachusetts elections until 11 years later. One would assume, during that time, her Massachusetts voter status dropped to “inactive” due to lack of activity and she re-registered in 2009.

Since she announced her candidacy on Dec. 6th, Ms. Hughes has spoken of her “ten plus years” as a Republican Party activist. Strangely, for more than ten years, Ms. Hughes couldn’t be bothered to actually vote for any Republican Party candidates here in Massachusetts, or at least that’s what the Quincy City Clerk’s office has on record.

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