In 2008 Kirsten Hughes Voted in New York

Last night I put a publisher’s comment on another post on Red Mass Group regarding Kirsten Hughes voting record.  My fellow editor deleted the comment and clarified his post to say he was only talking about Ms. Hughes’ Massachusetts voting record.  My original promotion comment was:

Publisher’s Note: Evidence has been provided to Red Mass Group that Kirsten Hughes was living in at least one other state during the time frame of this post.  Evidence has also been provided that she voted in that state at that time and was a registered Republican.  So while yes it is true that she did not vote in Quincy during that time-frame, it is not true that she didn’t vote, or that she was not a Registered Republican during the same period.

I have been provided information by the Hughes campaign, not the Republican Party of Massachusetts, which is a screen shot from the GOP DataCenter, the new Voter Vault, that shows that Kirsten Hughes was registered in Astoria, Queens NY in 2008 and voted in the 2008 General election.  She was in 2008 a registered Republican.  This accounts for one of the missing years that Mr. Ferro brings up.  AS more information about Ms. Hughes voting record is provided to Red Mass Group it will be shared.

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