Hart vacancy trigger Lynch run?

(This is why Rob Cunningham is one of Massachusetts Power Players according to Campaign and Elections Magazine! – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

If you are a conspiracy theorist – and I have been known to be one – you have to wonder about the timing of Jack Hart’s announcement.

By retiring now, the Senate President will set a special election date – and what better date to save his district money than to make that date coincide with the special US Senate primary.  

By having a State Senate special election in Lynch’s backyard, he automatically will have higher voter turnout in his Democratic primary against Markey, perhaps helping to level the playing field in the election despite a $2 million edge for Markey in cash.

Steve Lynch knows how to win special elections – he has won multiple specials.  He also knows how to tilt things in his favor.  Last time, he did not have the labor unions, but this time the IBEW has already withheld their backing of Markey – yet another signal they are waiting for a better offer?  

We will find out soon if Lynch is in the race.  Perhaps the decision of his old colleague Therese Murray will help him make up his mind.

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