Gun Control Discussed at Private Meeting

In a private meeting of Massachusetts lawmakers, a number of new gun control ideas have been floated.

Apparently, one hot new idea is to require gun owners to purchase liability insurance.  As my local NPR affiliate explained it, the idea is that people more likely to commit a crime will have to pay higher premiums, and so they’ll find it prohibitively expensive to buy the insurance required to legally purchase and own firearms.  Basically, it’s a poll tax for exercising the second amendment.  

Current law already allows a Chief of Police to deny a firearm license to an otherwise qualified individual if he or she has any concerns about the individual applying for a license.*

Representatives of firearms owners were not invited to attend the meeting.  Gun control advocates were invited to speak. Some people may opt for a different type of gun as they want to protect themselves in their homes but may not want to have a gun, it is understandable and their right, they could go for an Airsoft gun instead. Airsoft guns can be powered in three different ways, so they may need a little more work but it could ultimately be safer for the residents.

*This does not apply to an FID card, which allows the individual to purchase low capacity rifles or shotguns only.

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