Green Announces Legislative Endorsements

Republican State Committee Member Richard Green of Pepperell, candidate for Chair, announced a set of legislative endorsements yesterday.  Endorsing Green are:

State Rep. Dan Winslow, 9th Norfolk district, Former Republican General Counsel to Ray Shamie and honorary State Committee Member.

State Rep. Ryan Fattman, 18th Worcester district

State Senator Robert Hedlund, Plymouth and Norfolk district

State Rep. Kevin Kuros, 8th Worcester district

State Rep. Peter Durant, 6th Worcester district

State Rep. Nick Boldgya, 3rd Hampden district

State Rep. Paul Adams, 17th Essex district

So far the only current state legislative endorsement that any other Chairman Candidate has is State Senator Richard Ross, who has endorsed Kirsten Hughes.


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  •    Tell me Mr. Green: How many campaigns have you donated to?  

  • Lori,

    Mr. Green has given well over 30k to candidates in the last 2 years according to OCPF.  Kirsten Hughes has given $40, that’s it.

    Mr. Green before the end of the year gave the MassGOP an additional 5k.  This is exactly who we need to head our party.  

  • What platform is he running on?  And what is he going to do to unite all of the town/cities?

  •    Has Mr. Green worked on? We’re talking about people here, not auto parts.

  • As of today, Paul Adams is no longer a State Representative so he should not be listed amongst the other legislators.

  • (Cross-posted in response to BMG snark):

    I know both candidates for GOP Chair and both have commendable strengths. Kirsten was the Deputy Finance Chair for Senator Brown’s most recent campaign and helped raise more than $38 million for his effort. She would bring that considerable talent to future election efforts. Rick is a self-made businessperson, in the Ray Shamie mold, who has organizational strengths and ability to reestablish the GOP brand as the Party of Lincoln. My Dream Team would be a GOP Committee ticket where Green and Hughes team up and each bring their strengths to rebuild our Party. The divergent support for each within our Party ranks reflects an internal (and healthy) debate by the MassGOP whether we embrace a top-down approach that emphasizes fundraising or a bottom-up approach that emphasizes organization and building our grassroots. As a former member of Ray Shamie’s senior team (I served as his General Counsel during his successful Chairmanship) I am partial to the organizational bottom-up model that relies on executive ability that Rick Green brings to the table. (Much like the proven executive ability by another businessperson turned politico, John Walsh). We’ve tried the top-down approach in the recent past and neither the Lord nor voters were impressed. As for Senator Brown, who I support 100% and hope he runs in the event of a Kerry vacancy, he never has requested or desired to be surrounded by yesmen as a measure of his credibility. He is and remains the most important force in Massachusetts GOP politics and it’s to his credit that he and others can have different points of view on the next direction of the GOP leadership. As PP noted, I don’t have a vote in this decision. But any GOP candidate who may appear on the 2014 ballot certainly will have a stake in the outcome. That’s why I have enthusiastically endorsed Rick Green for Massachusetts GOP Party Chair.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    What difference does it make if state legislators endorse one or the other?  I am not even wild about the idea that SC members are the only ones to vote on who becomes Chair…

    Operating under these understandings implies that we are a top down party.  That somehow there is a group of people who get to chose who leads the party.  Yet, what we find is that whether or not the legislators or SC members like/dislike the Chair the GOP voters as a whole don’t give a sh*t.  Think about it – when was the last time any ordinary GOP voter expressed excitement over a GOP Chairperson?  Never.  And it is the average GOP voter that we need to get excited.  

    As far as I am concerned, this is all just p*ssing into the wind because unless the new Chairperson can connect with the average GOP voter it won’t make a lick of difference who holds the office…

    No matter who the Chairperson is the SC members will remain largely useless, don’t you think?  I do!  As far as I can tell they show up at an occassional RTC meeting, eat all the cookies, and blab blab blab about what is going on in the office in Boston – name dropping mostly!  I have yet to see a single one roll up his/her sleeves and get their hands dirty….

    What we need to do is have the SC members elect someone who can connect with, and excite, ordinary voters.  So far, I do not think any of the candidates is the person.  

    I predict in a year or two there will be discussion right here on RMG on who the next person will be and how the last one failed to win any elections.  

    Time to start thinking outside the box again…Maybe what we need to do is have a layman’s GOP group.  A group of Republicans with the determination to actually do something that operate outside of the bureaucracy of the ‘blame-game’ SC.  Forget the bylaws and bullsh*t and start something.