Game On – Kerry is Confirmed –

According to multiple media reports John Kerry has just been confirmed as the Secretary of State.  That means, in addition to three State Representative and one State Senate special election, we will have a US Senate special election this spring and early summer.

Deval Patrick has said he will name a replacement tomorrow.  

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  • EvanMKenney

    There’s more than one race!

    Sorry.. I still like picking on Brad Jones for his comments in the Globe. Perhaps I’m being unfair..

  • And what is he waiting for?

    Could he be waiting for the results of Thursday’s Mass GOP Chair election to determine whether he runs or not?

    The clock is ticking.  Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

  • BradMarston

    that he is holding off announcing his campaign so as not to be openly seen trying to influence the race…beyond his endorsement of Kirsten.

  • Even more history to be made!

  • MerrimackMan

    I’m starting to get worried he’s going to pass it up for something else.  

  • SharonWoller25

    Yeah I agree their is more then one race.

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