For Our Future

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I’m 18 years old, and I’m still very much a newcomer to the GOP. However, since the day I’ve registered to vote, I have been dedicated to Republican politics nonstop.

I spent my summer enveloped by a successful campaign to be a delegate to the RNC. When I got back from the convention, on September 1st, I immediately packed my bags, ready to move in as a freshman at a university on September 3rd. Two weeks later, as soon as I was settled in school, I began working 20 hours a week at MassVictory, driving all over the state to do whatever I could to re-elect Senator Brown. I also began work in September as Jon Golnik’s regional field director for the Fitchburg area. In addition, I did work for Justin Brooks in his bid for State Rep in Leominster.

I can assure you, there was no partying for me in my first semester, because all of my free time was happily dedicated to electing republicans.

Now, heavily considering a run for municipal office very soon, I’m excited beyond words at the opportunity to see Rick Green chair our party.

With 24-year-old Leah Cole running for State Rep in Peabody, 19-year old Mark Mezzina running for school committee in North Andover, and two 25-year-olds running for selectman in central MA towns, our generation is the future. Rick Green is uniquely qualified to lead our efforts to build the Republican Party in Massachusetts.

Rick is a leader, and he will owe his chairmanship to no one except those who together represent the youthful future of our party.

I am terrified that, if we don’t elect Rick Green, too many of our marbles will be thrown at the senate race. If it’s not obvious from my work at MassVictory, I would do anything to get Scott Brown elected, should he choose to run.

But wouldn’t it be nice to find more Scott Browns through a Rick Green approach? Some day, as long as we give him the support he needs, Mark Mezzina will make a terrific congressional candidate, but we need a leader who is willing to invest in these municipal and legislative elections as a primary focus, not as a bonus.

We can build a big, beautiful, elaborate Republican house, but without a concrete, local foundation, how long can it stand?

We need Rick Green for our party.

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