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I’m 18 years old, and I’m still very much a newcomer to the GOP. However, since the day I’ve registered to vote, I have been dedicated to Republican politics nonstop.

I spent my summer enveloped by a successful campaign to be a delegate to the RNC. When I got back from the convention, on September 1st, I immediately packed my bags, ready to move in as a freshman at a university on September 3rd. Two weeks later, as soon as I was settled in school, I began working 20 hours a week at MassVictory, driving all over the state to do whatever I could to re-elect Senator Brown. I also began work in September as Jon Golnik’s regional field director for the Fitchburg area. In addition, I did work for Justin Brooks in his bid for State Rep in Leominster.

I can assure you, there was no partying for me in my first semester, because all of my free time was happily dedicated to electing republicans.

Now, heavily considering a run for municipal office very soon, I’m excited beyond words at the opportunity to see Rick Green chair our party.

With 24-year-old Leah Cole running for State Rep in Peabody, 19-year old Mark Mezzina running for school committee in North Andover, and two 25-year-olds running for selectman in central MA towns, our generation is the future. Rick Green is uniquely qualified to lead our efforts to build the Republican Party in Massachusetts.

Rick is a leader, and he will owe his chairmanship to no one except those who together represent the youthful future of our party.

I am terrified that, if we don’t elect Rick Green, too many of our marbles will be thrown at the senate race. If it’s not obvious from my work at MassVictory, I would do anything to get Scott Brown elected, should he choose to run.

But wouldn’t it be nice to find more Scott Browns through a Rick Green approach? Some day, as long as we give him the support he needs, Mark Mezzina will make a terrific congressional candidate, but we need a leader who is willing to invest in these municipal and legislative elections as a primary focus, not as a bonus.

We can build a big, beautiful, elaborate Republican house, but without a concrete, local foundation, how long can it stand?

We need Rick Green for our party.

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    I mean your first sentance starts with “I’m 18 years old” …

    That opening sucks.  Be a man, and say what you want to say without looking like you’re trying to score points with all the moms on this blog.  

    Go Rick Green though!

  • EJD

    Without a doubt, I personally believe whoever becomes the next Chair of the MassGOP has the right qualifications and character to be a bold force within the party. Both Rick and Kirsten offer so much to our party and I believe regardless, we will be heading in the right direction.

    You shouldn’t be ‘terrified’ at the thought that she may win this election. She is a diligent campaigner, activist, and elected official. Apparently, she has a strong belief that helping Scott Brown (if he runs) should be a major priority for the party. Is that a bad thing? Yes – we have 2 Beacon Hill elections in the coming months and 1 Senate Election – but do you actually think that any legitimate candidate for Chair of the MassGOP would totally discount the two Beacon Hill races for the Senate race?  I don’t. And I don’t think that many of the 20-sum State Committee members and plethora of elected officials would agree with that either.

    This top down vs. bottom up approach that seems to be going around, as others have stated, is far too simple of a logic to work, and  I don’t think it does either candidate justice to presume that’s their entire mentality.

    Yes, there are local races we need to be a part of as a State Party – but we also need to be part of them as activists as well. Part of the mantle of responsibility for this party and it’s direction is each of us who are active in our own Republican circles being active in each of these races to our own best ability. That falls on us too.

    We have two great candidates to take on the responsibility of Chairing the MassGOP at such an important time. We shouldn’t be afraid of either one winning this election – whoever does, our party will be in good hands.

  • EvanMKenney

    Terrified is a strong word, you are correct. I am not scared of Kirsten Hughes, for sure! Ms. Hughes is obviously an excellent fundraiser, and I trust that Sen. Brown would choose to back an excellent candidate.

    I do maintain my fear, however, that she may owe the chairmanship a bit too much to Sen. Brown, and we as a party might lose sight of the up and coming youth movement within our unique MA GOP!

  •    Nice to meet you. I am a recent college graduate (Framingham State’08) myself, so I know what you’re going through. You’re young, I can appreciate that too. my young friend Brian Ashmankas is running for RE-ELECTION for selectman in our town of Millbury.

       I am amazed we haven’t met. You see I joined the Golnick campaign staff in September too. I attended events in Fitchburg, I attended staff meetings and events in Littleton. Still, no introduction.

        I handled Jon’s scheduling. I looked up every possible mention of you and Fitchburg in my staff e-mail account. Why am I hearing of you today? I would think someone of your importance would have had SOME sort of contact with me in our duties. I know, perhaps because I was just a lowly senior staffer, and you were just SO important, we never crossed paths. not even at the Brown appearance at the diner in Fitchburg. I was there with Jon, his wife, and campaign manager.

        You’re much too young to start fudging your resume.

    Alan Linkevich

  • EastieDan

    A rich, male business owner decides to get involved in politics.  A year later he thinks he has all the answers and runs for Chair with a “plan.”  The plan sounds an awful lot like a pitch to shareholders to increase profits and is entirely unproven and untested.  Rich guy buys votes and wins.  (Celtics game anyone?)  Rich business owner tries to run the Party like a business with a “plan” written in a boardroom.  Party loses seats, Party loses registered Republicans.  

    We have been down this road before.  Evan is young and may not be aware of Chairman Crate and Chairman Rappaport, but should be aware of Chairman Maginn.  What did we win in 2012 again?

    Apparently the Kool-Aid flowing out of Grafton Street’s taps also erases memories.  They have a name for trying the same thing and hoping for different result.  Please, no more woefully inexperienced, rich businessmen with a magic “plan.”

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    1. How can you say your ‘free time’ was happily dedicated to electing Republicans?  To begin, I don’t know of any Republicans that were actually elected!  So maybe at best your free time was happily dedicated to ‘trying to get Republicans’ elected.  Also, was it really free time if you were working?  Free time is defined as time when you are not required to work…

    2. You are an 18 year old college freshman – I know you are still working to complete your education, but have you ever had a job?  I mean a real job with real responsibilities.  Not a ‘paper or plastic’ type job.  If not, how can you truly run for office to represent people who have worked or are working?  You have no idea what their struggles are.  Being 18 and running for office sounds kinda gimmicky to me…  I wouldn’t vote for you…You are certainly smart, and probably determined, but at 18 years old you are still wet behind the ears.  

    3. So you’re 18 and since the day you registered you have been dedicated to Republican politics.  So that makes how long?  A few months?  Not exactly long enough to be impressive.  Heck, I have cheese older than your political life…

    4. The whole endorsement sounds like a ‘canned’ endorsement.  It sounds like Rick Green told you to write something and post it on RedMassGroup.  It doesn’t sound genuine – at all….  I mean, if you are truly 18 and dedicating every minute of your life to getting Republicans elected – then someone should sit you down and have a good long talk with you about getting a life…  That is pathetic!  If it is a real endorsement then you are taking this all way too seriously.  You say ‘No partying for me’…’I am terrified that, if we don’t elect Rick Green’…  Lighten up!  Getting a GOP Chairman that doesn’t fit your 18 year old idea of true leadership isn’t something to be ‘terrified’ about.  Can you even define leadership?

    5. I hate to say I am not excited about having a bunch of 20-somethings running our party or seeking elected office.  Most 20-something people I meet are spending most of their day Facebooking in their mother’s basement and rehashing old episodes of ‘How I met your mother’.  Not exactly a well-spring of inspiration or life experience.  The Founding Fathers intended more mature workers and professionals to seek office as a temporary contribution to the self-government process.  You, like so many Democrats, sound as though it will be your life work from the moment you escape diapers.

    6. The more I hear about Rick Green the more I think he is some kind of shmoozy manipulative type that is willing to throw kids onto RMG to beg for votes.  I don’t think Rick Green is the guy to lead the state GOP.  We need someone that can work with ALL people from all age groups and not just a bunch of teanie boppers running for dog catcher of shlubville because they can’t get a job in the working world.

    7. Before you all jump ugly at me for saying this to Evan, understand that he needs to realize that politics is hardball.  Democrats in Massachusetts are going to outspend us and outplay us with big union money and scores of full time workers.  They will say anything and do anything to damage you personally and your family.  They are unscrupulous bastards and they don’t like to lose.  Relinquishing the party to people because of their age or their idealistic causes will prove to be a losing strategy.  But then again, I do not expect the SC to find someone qualified.  

  • On the one hand I embrace these young, enthusiastic Republicans, on the other I say, if they are 100% committed to public office, not just right out of college, but high school, what real world experience will they bring.  More frightening is, will they become the lifelong hacks we abhor?

    I have a kid coming out of college this year, and a family business in desperate need of him coming in and hitting the ground running. He shows all indications he could immediately come in and make valuable contributions while he is groomed for take over, and is needed now.  My hope, however, is he will get a minimum of a year experience elsewhere, better yet, two.  If not now, when, so that he can bring that (outside) perspective into the business, and not just know it from one (inside) perspective.

    The ideal scenario, as I see it, is these kids will go out into the real world and become successful while concurrently remaining passionate and committed to the party and candidates, then run for office with a more robust background and experience.  As impressive as it is to have this fresh blood as freshmen on Bacon Hill, where does it go from here?  More terms then higher office?  I googled Lea Cole and the only thing I can come up with on her leads to the article here.  What else is there?  We need to support all reps for our party from across the state as though they were our own, because they all have the ability to impact us individually as well as on the state level.  We need experience almost as much as we need victory.

  • Evan,

    Thank you for being involved in the process.

    While others have chosen to lecture you about your youth and inexperience, I think you’re breath of fresh air.

    I agree with your support for Rick Green.

    But,whether or not one  agrees with all or some of your views, we desperately need to encourage young Americans to get involved in Republican politics.

    I also want to commend you for hanging in there. The MA-GOP leadership tried to lock you out of the process. But you remain steadfast. Now people are attacking you for your youth and inexperience, implying that you’ve been manipulated because your youth.

    Sad to say the MA-GOP leadership has tragic history of marginalizing those that don’t follow the “company” line.

    But that is changing. In March of 2012 significant gains were made by the grassroots on the State Committee. As a result some of the leadership is starting to realize that cooperating with and including the grassroots in process is in the long-term interest of the party.

    Some of us have been trying to focus on local elections for over a decade, with no support from the MA-GOP. But notice that in this race for Chair, all the candidates are talking about building a farm team. The question is who will follow through?

    Of course we need to support the top of the ticket. Without doubt we need to get behind Senator Brown if he chooses to run. But our approach must be balanced. Scott Brown is still very popular among the general voting public. He could serve himself well and the party, if he endorsed and campaigned aggressively for local Republicans. In that regard he may have the opportunity to just that. There are two special elections coming up for vacant State Rep seats.

    Let’s see how much effort the Senator puts into helping any Republican or Republican leaning independent that runs for those seats.

  • and was absolutely disgusted.  But I don’t feel I know the whole story, or even a lot of what went on, and I think all should.  Is there a place where I can learn more about it, or have you written something you could post here that describes what went down?  

  • And people wonder why the party is having trouble attracting new people…