Five Things you Should Know Today, January 9, 2012

1. Happy Birthday Brad Jones

Today is Brad Jones’ birthday.  Join me in wishing him a happy one.

2. 18 Dead of Flu in Massachusetts

This is really a public health announcement.  Be safe.  There is a national flu epidemic underway.  It is very serious.  Take care of yourself if you get sick, 18 people are dead of the Flu in Massachusetts.  The Boston Herald has the story.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is reporting that 18 Bay Staters have died from the flu so far this season.

At least four of these people were from Boston, the Boston Public Health Commission’s Nick Martin told the Herald.

“We’re seeing a significant increase in sickness and severity,” Martin said.

3. Dem Primary for Governor heating up

While the Commonwealth waits to see if Scott Brown is going to run for US Senate this year, or Governor in 2014, the field for Governor on the Democratic side is starting to get crowded.  David Bernstein has a good look.

We’re still waiting for declarations of intent for the statewide Massachusetts race that’s coming up immediately, but the new year has brought a flurry of public statements about the 2014 gubernatorial contest.

4. Michael Graham and Tom Shattuck Still Around

Both Michael Graham and Tom Shattuck, his producer, are keeping up their public profile.  Both through blogs.  You can read Tom Shattuck here and you can read Graham here.

Both have hinted at a return to the airwaves in some form.

5. Convicted Terrorist gets “Social Justice” award

The concept of “Social Justice” as perverted by liberation theology hasn’t had this much bad press since Jeremiah Wright.  A local group has given a convicted terrorist from Sudbury, Massachusetts a “Social Justice” award.  Michael Graham has the story.

People often ask me why I choose to live in Massachusetts. Isn’t it obvious? I love the comedy.


Former Sudbury resident Tarek Mehanna was granted the 36th annual Sacco & Vanzetti Social Justice Award Sunday from the Community Church of Boston for his struggle as a seeker of justice.

   Following discussions on America’s history of oppressed people, Mehanna’s father, mother, brother and sister-in-law accepted the award on his behalf.

I love how the libs at the Metrowest Daily News call Tarek a  “former Sudbury resident.” Hey, did he move or something? Anyone got a forwarding address?

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