Final Statement to State Committee Members by Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP Chair Candidate

(Kirsten Hughes Final Email. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I woke up to this email this morning.

Dear State Committee Members,

Thank you all for the opportunity to share with you my vision to build our Party and win back Republican seats in Massachusetts. It is energizing to hear your thoughts, ideas, and valuable input on how to make our towns, cities, commonwealth, and country a better place to live and raise a family.  One common thread came through in our conversations.  And that is our Republican ideals are the core principles that we hold true and will keep us unified. Your shared experiences have helped shape and focus my plans for the MassGOP.  I ask for your support and your vote tomorrow night so that we can work together to improve our Party.  If elected Chair I will work tirelessly for a united, grassroots-focused, and professional MassGOP to elect Republicans in all corners of our great Commonwealth.

My Ten Point Plan:

1. Enrollment: Increasing enrollment of Republican voters (currently at 11%) with a goal of raising it to at least 13%. It is critical that we recruit and bring new voters into the fold in order to rebuild our Party. This will be a crucial first step to increase registration. We also need to focus on urban, minority, and traditionally under-represented voting groups.

2. Brand: The Republican Party needs to reshape our brand. The brand needs to incorporate new constituencies into our Party, including new voters in urban areas. We must reach out to African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and new Americans who should be receptive to the message of our core Republican principles. I believe my background as a grassroots elected official in an urban area will help the MassGOP reshape our brand.

3. Women’s Initiative: In order to win as a Party, we must develop a concrete strategy to reach out to Independent female voters. During the past election, women voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates even though our principles are ones that should appeal to all voters, regardless of gender.  To change the mistaken perception of our Party as anti-woman, I will establish and fund a MassGOP Women’s Coalition that will call out the outrageous Democratic misrepresentation that too often goes unchecked; they will be held accountable.  I will also create a MassGOP standing committee on women’s issues specifically tasked with finding and promoting issues that appeal to a broad base of women, and host an annual MassGOP forum to facilitate the conversation among female elected officials, candidates for office, and activists.

4. Candidate Recruitment and Support: We must recruit, train, and support candidates at ALL levels. In order to do so, we must study winning campaign strategies and put together promising practices. As a local official, I know the hard work it takes to win in a Democratic city. I want to use my knowledge to help other candidates achieve success around the Commonwealth. As Chair, I will budget an additional $100K to the legislative candidates for 2014.  In addition, I will work with Minority Leaders Tarr and Jones on the 54 14 Initiative to help bring needed balance to Beacon Hill.

5. Technology: We must employ the latest in technology to mobilize the grassroots. There are successful examples used in other states, and we must learn from what works. I will hire a social media and technology expert in order to create the most innovative ways to collect voter data; run a coordinated GOTV effort; and get our message out to new Party members.

6. Unity: During my first month as Chair, I will organize a “Unity Summit” for activists. The wealth of principles that make up our Party is something that should be celebrated, and it should not be tearing us apart. The MassGOP should be a place for social conservatives, moderates, and Libertarians so that on election days we ALL VOTE REPUBLICAN. This summit would be our opportunity to come together and develop an effective strategy to unite as one voting bloc during the next election cycle. This is the only way we will be successful as a Party on Election Day. I have already secured the funding for the Summit through my fundraising connections.

7. Bylaws Changes: I will support bylaw changes that will ensure the MassGOP is the steward of our money and protect it from being purged by top-of- the- ticket candidates.

8. Grow our Republican Town and City Committees: As Chairman, I will work with each of you to build and grow our RTCs and RCCs, with a goal of increasing by 50% the number of committees that are filled to maximum capacity.  In order to be successful in our local communities, we must empower RTC and RCC Chairs and task them to increase the membership of their committees and work together to register Republicans.

9. Ballot Questions: Supporting ballot questions that motivate our voters, such as: a balanced budget amendment, voter ID requirements, and imposing citizenship requirements for state benefits.

10. Win Special Elections: With Senator Hart and State Representative Marty Walz departing the Legislature this week, we now have to prepare for six special elections. Under my chairmanship, you can be assured of good stewardship of our finite resources in order to focus on winning general elections and picking up legislative seats. I truly believe there will be a direct correlation between our successes in ALL the special elections and the momentum and activism we have on the ground for 2014.

Thank you for your time and consideration during my campaign. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night, and please do not hesitate to contact me before then with any questions about my plan or my candidacy.


Kirsten Hughes

In the interest of full disclosure, I have endorsed Kirsten Hughes for MassGOP Chairman.

Best wishes to both Rick Green & Kirsten Hughes at tonight’s State Committee meeting & may all interested & involved immediately put aside any divisions after the election, support the new Chairman, and vigorously support our officials, candidates & our Party.

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