Final sign of the Apocalypse: “Bill Clinton named Father of the Year”

This is it folks – The Final Sign of the Apocalypse.  Bill Clinton has been named ‘Father of The Year”, by the National Father’s Day Council.  

First of all – who the hell is the National Father’s Day Council?  Do we really need some organization to oversee the purchase of a lousy necktie and a six pack of beer?  What the hell do they even do?  How much are they paid and where are their offices.  I think whoever they are – that is where the revolution should begin!  

Second, what exactly are the requirements to become ‘Father of the Year’ if Bill Clinton can win the title?  I guess being a philandering moron with a criminal past and 5 court appearances related to sexual molsetation is part of the correct recipe for success?  Oh, and don’t foget being thrown out of the Bar for lying under oath to a Grand Jury.  

Time to start making our own homemade guns and batten down the hatches.  The end is near.  I guess the Mayans were off a year – damn that leap year thingy!!!

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