Elder Misfires With Tax Criticism; Blame Democrats Not One of Your Own

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Under Proposition 2½, a Massachusetts municipality is subject to two tax limits: Ceiling: The total annual property tax revenue raised shall not exceed 2.5% of the assessed value of all taxable property contained in it. Increase limit: The annual increase of property tax cannot exceed 2.5%, plus the amount attributable from new real property.

These limits refer to the entire amount of the annual tax levy.

(An exception, under the 1980 State Law, allows for citizens of each municipality to override the 2½ restriction to address specific needs of the community, thus giving the People direct control over their taxation).

Thanks to the utter lack of leadership from the Democrats on Beacon Hill, and after the One Party in Power has squandered millions upon millions on failed, so-called “Green Job” Subsidies, local officials across the Commonwealth are left with very few options to control their rising fixed costs from blowing holes in municipal and school budgets.

Every year.

Therefore, Matt Elder’s recent RMG comments questioning Kirsten Hughes over Quincy Property Taxes is unfair and misfires. It takes one away from the true culprits in this ongoing local budget dilemma: The Tax and Spend Democrats Cutting Local Aid in the Middle of This Great Recession.

Beacon Hill just continues to cost shift their bills for our schools and basic services from Marlborough to Quincy and all points in between.

Ms. Hughes has never supported a local tax override during her tenure on the Quincy City Council. And like Marlborough or other communities throughout our state, Quincy is being asked to shoulder more financial burdens while this Governor and Legislature stubbornly argue that Massachusetts somehow has a revenue problem.

Mr. Elder: In these tough economic times, which Town Board or City Council has NOT adjusted local property tax rates under their annual levy limit? Yours has.

So let’s blame the Democrats not one of your own.

Dean Cavaretta


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