Ed Markey, not to be out Goofied

It’s not the economy, not social security, not jobs.  It’s saving you from the threat of large costumed cartoon characters. Your Representative Ed Markey is on the case:

“I am deeply concerned that Disney’s proposal could have a harmful impact on our children,” Markey wrote today in a letter to Bob Iger, Disney’s chairman and CEO.

Full letter

Background: Disney announces its MagicBand concept.

Nevermind that if a person doesn’t want the device for him or his child, it can be disengaged with a highly technical procedure: TAKE IT OFF.

Nevermind, if visiting the Disney Park, the MagicBand is optional.

Nevermind that the MagicBand doesn’t use GPS, like, say, the GPS trackers that the Patrick administration is considering for gas tax collection (which btw, I presume wouldn’t be optional and can’t be removed but would presumably NOT attract cartoon characters any more scary than DOR agents.)

Nevermind, “I’m a congressman. I work with goofy characters. The threat is real.” Rep Markey was heard to say.


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