Ed Markey, not to be out Goofied

It’s not the economy, not social security, not jobs.  It’s saving you from the threat of large costumed cartoon characters. Your Representative Ed Markey is on the case:

“I am deeply concerned that Disney’s proposal could have a harmful impact on our children,” Markey wrote today in a letter to Bob Iger, Disney’s chairman and CEO.

Full letter

Background: Disney announces its MagicBand concept.

Nevermind that if a person doesn’t want the device for him or his child, it can be disengaged with a highly technical procedure: TAKE IT OFF.

Nevermind, if visiting the Disney Park, the MagicBand is optional.

Nevermind that the MagicBand doesn’t use GPS, like, say, the GPS trackers that the Patrick administration is considering for gas tax collection (which btw, I presume wouldn’t be optional and can’t be removed but would presumably NOT attract cartoon characters any more scary than DOR agents.)

Nevermind, “I’m a congressman. I work with goofy characters. The threat is real.” Rep Markey was heard to say.


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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    upon which to leverage his run for the US Senate.  I guess monitoring Disney park technology is it?  

    How many kids mistook Rep Malarkey for Dumbo?

  • Karl Marx

    he have to say about the exquisite data mining put to use by the Obama campaign last fall. Now that’s really creepy stuff, in the Total Information Awareness league. But, of course, the press sees nothing wrong with it. In fact the MSM glorifies it by implying how freaking great it is.

  • As RMG’s resident Disney fanatic (206 days until my 7th Disney Cruise vacation, this time around the Western Mediterranean) it’s not hard to imagine that I’ve followed the Disney MagicBand developments very closely.  I welcome the concept!

    I won’t bore everyone with the benefits of the system, and there are very many, but I’ll simply note that anyone visiting a Disney theme park who is not comfortable with the RFID technology can opt out and use the current, hard ticket, methods.  

    Here is a good NY Times article on the Disney MagicBands.

    I was last in Walt Disney World for a day ahead of my last cruise, a little before Thanksgiving, and I certainly would’ve used the band system – even more so were I there for several days or a couple of weeks.

    Finally, the Disney Cruise Line already employs a version of this system for children aboard ship as a safety device.  It’s entirely opt in there as well upon the wishes of the parents.

    When I first saw news of Markey’s letter the first thing I did was email a few friends to note that I had yet another reason to support any Republican candidate against Markey.  Heck, if I was unenrolled I’d vote for Markey’s Democratic primary opponent!  

  • geo999

    …Ed Markey is a vacuous douche-bag.

  • One of Markey’s questions is what do you give up by not wearing the Magicband RFID bracelet? It may as well just be mandatory, because most people are going to want the benefits.

    It’s interesting that everyone here is gung ho about this, because it is a Transhumanist idea, to become merged into an overlapping cyberspace that unlocks our doors and pays our bills automatically. Right now it’s only at Disney, but all those thousands of brainwashed tourists are going to get home and miss being connected to the grid, and wish the bracelet worked everywhere. And that could be really cool, but it could also be unsustainable and expensive and complex and intrusive. Can we program it so that our privacy is protected and our persons secure? I think Markey is right to be concerned about it.