Dueling MassGOP Chair Campaign Updates – Jon Golnik Endorses Kirsten Hughes

I spent most of the day today at St. Julie Billart Parish here in Dartmouth witnessing a 3rd degree ceremony of the Knights of Columbus.  I come home and I found dueling, and contrasting, campaign updates to the State Committee members from both Rick Green and Kirsten Hughes.

Both are presented here but this is a replication of Kirsten’s email, which followed Rick’s.  Green announces several endorsements but apparently one such, that of Jon Golnik, later actually endorsed Hughes.

Rick’s email was sent at 12:41 pm today.  Jon Golnik’s email went out to Kirsten a little more than 2 hours later and was quoted by Kirsten when she sent her email at 4:27 pm.

Please note that for the sake of privacy, I removed the personal email addresses but I’ve altered the text in no other way as sent to me from Kirsten Hughes.

Dear State Committee Members,

I’m very excited to have received the endorsement of Jon Golnik today! I’ve known Jon since he ran for Congress in 2010, volunteering to help him in a very competitive race against Niki Tsongas. Having Jon on my team is important because he has many excellent ideas about how the MassGOP can improve our urban voter outreach, he speaks Spanish and will help me reach out to minority groups that we have traditionally struggled to bring in to the MassGOP tent. And as any of you who know Jon will attest, he is the ultimate grassroots campaigner and we share the same vision for how to grow the grassroots.

Thank you, Jon! And thank you for your time, hope you are all enjoying the weekend.



From: Jonathan Golnik

Date: January 27, 2013, 2:52:27 PM EST

To: Kirsten Hughes

Subject: Campaign Update

Hi Kirsten,

As we have discussed, I would like to formally endorse your candidacy for chairman of the magop.


Jon Golnik

Begin forwarded message:

From: Rick Green

Date: January 27, 2013, 12:41:31 PM EST

To: Rick Green

Subject: Campaign Update

Dear Fellow State Committee Member,

In this update I’d like to focus on a question that I have heard on the campaign trail, namely, “How many campaigns have you been involved in?” Judging by what I have heard, I think you will be pleasantly surprised not only by the number of campaigns I have worked on, but also by the impact I was able to have on them. This is a long email, but I think you’ll find it worth your time.

I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity. Here is what the candidates I have worked with have to say about the quality of my work:

2012 Jon Golnik, Third Congressional District, Pepperell Town Captain – “Rick was my most organized town captain. I was able to accomplish more with him in an afternoon than I could in some towns during the entire campaign. Each time I came to Pepperell he was able to introduce me to key influencers; the local pharmacist of 35 years, the head of the Pepperell Business Association, The local Pizza shop owner who had been in business for over 30 years, key elected officials etc. who all had their own large social networks. If I had a Rick Green in every town I just might have knocked off Niki Tsongas.”

2010 Sheila Harrington, State Rep., First Middlesex District, Volunteer & Donor – “The fact that Rick is relatively new to politics is actually his greatest asset. Rick understands first hand that we can’t grow the party unless we bring in new people who haven’t been involved in politics before. When I ran for State Representative in 2010 it was my fist attempt for public office. Should I not have run because I didn’t have enough experience? Rick’s real world background will make him the ideal Chairman to recruit new candidates into our party and really start to grow our base.”

2010 Michael Green, Pepperell Selectman, Campaign Manager – “Rick is my brother so I am biased, but numbers don’t lie and he helped me win 70% of the vote against a former Selectman in my first run for public office. Having worked with him on the campaign and in business for over 13 years I can tell you first hand that he is a machine. I’ve never seen him get more motivated than when someone tells him something isn’t possible. He’ll push you further than you think you can go, make you feel good about yourself, and then push you some more.”

2011 Jim Dixon, Tenth Middlesex State Rep District, Volunteer & Strategy Consultant – “Rick Green was a tremendous asset for my campaign. From day one, he offered to do anything he could for my campaign, even though he lived far from my district. He was a valuable resource and was always available to take or return my calls. This is what I want from the MassGOP. I want leadership that encourages people to run for office, supports them in their candidacy, and gives them the necessary resources to help in their campaigns. From personal experience, I know that Rick Green provides these.”

2012 Cathy Richardson, Thirty-sixth Middlesex State Rep., District, Volunteer & Donor – “Rick sees each campaign as part of a larger strategic plan. Early in my race, Rick contacted me about collecting data on voters and key activists so he could organize the Town of Tyngsborough after my election. Whether it’s myself or someone else, the next person to run for this seat will be in a far better position because of Rick’s efforts.”

And here is a list of some of the campaigns I have worked on:

2010 Scott Brown special election, volunteer, fundraiser, donor

2010 Sheila Harrington Campaign, volunteer, donor (won)

2010 Jim Buba, state senate first Middlesex district, volunteer

2010 Pepperell Selectman, campaign manager (won with 70% of vote)

2011 Jim Dixon special election, volunteer, strategy consultant, donor

2012 Jon Golnik, volunteer, donor, Pepperell Town Captain

2012 Scott Brown, volunteer, Pepperell coordinator, Small Businesses for Brown, donor

2012 Cathy Richardson, state rep candidate, volunteer, donor

2012 Shaun Toohey, state senate candidate, volunteer, donor

2012 Jim Buba, state senate candidate, volunteer, donor

2012 Martin Burke, state rep candidate, volunteer, donor

2010-12 Donated over $40K to over 35 different Republican Presidential, U.S Senate, Congressional, State Rep, State Senate, and local candidates

As a reminder and in the interest of full disclosure, I have endorsed Kirsten Hughes for MassGOP Chair.

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