Deval Fires First Salvo of 2014 Election by Raising Taxes

• Here is the first salvo being fired that is designed to seal the 2014 election for the Democrat Party, and here is the biggest challenge conservatives have for restraint and sensible planning.

If we respond as we have in the past two gubernatorial cycles, a draconian (in the eyes of the liberals and media) tax referendum will find its way off Carla Howell’s desk and onto the ballot, with the assistance of diligent, hard working and well meaning conservative activists. That referendum will then be used, by the far Left (incarnated as Neighbor 2 Neighbor, the new ACORN, and SEIU), to mobilize the urban blue collar union base, and the folks who rely on government benefits, to landslide an election against conservative values and conservative candidates. This strategy has defeated us in the last two gubernatorial cycles.

This year (and next) INSTEAD, we need to keep constant and withering pressure on the leadership of MassGOP, whether that be Kirsten Hughes or Rick Green, to quickly develop a Republican Party infrastructure that mimics a political campaign and then to use that infrastructure to appeal to the same urban communities that have been used against us, yet this time to appeal to them with a message of economic hope for their families and greater access to success.

This needs to be done face to face and in cooperation with the RTC/RCC’s, led by strong management, and avoiding “quick-fix” solutions. Hard work begets great results; quick fixes beg for unforeseen crises. After two successive unforeseen crises, it’s our own fault if we rush headlong into another.…  

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