Dean Cavaretta Leaves Race & Endorses Kirsten Hughes for MassGOP Chair

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I literally just received this email from Kirsten Hughes to the members of the State Committee.  

Dear State Committee Members,

I hope you are all enjoying the weeked. It’s been a busy few days for me with a great Region 2 dinner is Westborough last night and then attending Luke Noble’s very well done North Shore event this morning. I’m so grateful for the support from many MRSC members and other elected officials have pledged to me the past few days and today I’m proud to annouce that Dean Caveretta has withdrawn from the race for Chair and endorsed my candidacy. I’ve copied Dean’s important message below. I look forward to working with Dean and all grassroots activists like him so that our Party has a successful 2014 election cycle under my stewardship.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



p.s. Thank you again, Dean!

Dear Fellow Activists and State Committee Members,

I am writing to announce my withdrawal from the race for Party Chair.  I feel this is the appropriate time to exit the race for Chairman and place my support behind the candidate who has articulated specific, grassroots ideas for reform that I know will move the Party towards success up and down the ballot in 2014.

I’m supporting Quincy City Councilor Kirsten Hughes to be the next Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

Kirsten and I agree that more urban outreach and greater direct candidate support, especially down ballot is essential. She is also open to introducing effective 2014 ballot questions which could re-frame and strengthen our overall message to voters, while uniting Republican moderates, libertarians and social conservatives. She agrees as I do that after several disappointing election cycles, we must think anew in reaching unaffiliated voters who are both fed up with Democratic politics as usual and worried about the future of the Commonwealth and our country.

This Action Plan contain some of the goals of first launched by Malden City Councilor David D’Arcangelo and myself in December 2010 – with the hope of sparking a serious conversation about how to bring together all conservative activists, strengthen our operations as a party, and make the MassGOP a positive alternative for every voter, from every walk of life.  Part of that plan includes a coordinated, professional, full-time operation at the MassGOP with an elevated commitment to cutting edge communications where every Democratic folly, smear, back-room deal, and patronage giveaway is rebutted.  I know Kirsten is the best choice for Chair to accomplish this and several pieces of our plan.  

It’s time for the Massachusetts Republican Party to come together with a renewed sense of commitment. Kirsten’s background in successful local elections will be an asset as the Party trains our community leaders in engagement and collaboration to bring more voters to our cause; achieving a balanced, two-party system on Beacon Hill and in our local municipalities.

Kirsten and I share the long term goal of competing everywhere, including everyone and offering new ideas. Please join me in supporting Kirsten Hughes to lead the Party to a successful November 2014.

Dean Cavaretta

2012 Candidate for the MA State Senate

2010 Dep. Campaign Manager, Karyn Polito for Treasurer

As customary, I’ve tried to faithfully reproduce the email.  Nota Bene, I am an endorser of Kirsten Hughes & will cast my vote for her election.

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