A Request For The Next GOP State Committee Chairperson

Soon, a new leader for the Republican Party will be chosen by our elected State Committee Members. I would first like to congratulate those individuals who have thrown their names into consideration.

Now… I know my words carry about as much weight as the air in which they are spoken, but at this critical time, I still feel compelled to express them. Today, our Republican Party has become irrelevant in Massachusetts. (484,099 voters, representing a mere 11.15% of all voters). There is one and only one reason for this decline – a failure of leadership. 

When members of our own party continue to nominate candidates who are “Left of Obama on Social Issues” (Charlie Baker Quote 2010) or elect Senators who abandon the platform on which they were elected and then pander on other issues (See DejaVue Article), I am amazed at the bewildered looks of awe when defeat takes a bar-room seat next to us… and we all scratch our heads and wonder why we lost.

Until we reform our party, and return to the principles of the Republican Party of Lincoln… victory will elude us.

You know why Republicans never win inner cities? We never build a relationship with the families who live there or even ask them for their votes! Bill Weld told me in 96, “We hunt Ducks – and there aint no ducks there!” Of course, “Ducks” meant votes… But why not do what responsible sportsmen do? Begin stocking the pond so that Ducks can actually flourish there and eventually improve the entire community?

As a former Board of Directors member for the Urban League of Eastern MA, I was astounded that not a single Republican Statewide Candidate ever tried to talk to the League during the years I served there. I never witnessed any genuine outreach to the community. Ignoring entire populations just defies logic. These are good people, with families, who have seen their families and communities decimated by democrat policies. They have the highest unemployment rates, highest violent crime rates and feel that the only one who cares about them is the government. They need us as much as we need them.

Let me remind everyone… .

  • We were founded by Anti-Slavery Activists in 1854. Our original slogan was “free labor, free land, free men. “
  • Abraham Lincoln was our first Republican President. He preserved the Union, not destroyed it with talk of succession! (Hey Rick Perry – Learn from this!)
  • The name “Republican Party” was chosen because it alluded to EQUALITY!
  • We supported civic virtue and had fierce opposition to aristocracy and corruption!
  • In 1896, Republicans were the first major party to favor women's suffrage. The proposal was defeated four times in the Democratic-controlled Senate. When the Republican Party regained control of Congress, the Equal Suffrage Amendment finally passed (304-88) .
  • The first woman elected to Congress was a Republican, Jeanette Rankin from Montana in 1917 .
  • Republicans passed the first Civil Rights Act in 1866 recognizing blacks as U.S. citizens .
  • Republicans proposed the 14th Amendment! .
  • Republicans passed the National Eight Hour Law! The Republicans in 1870 proposed and passed the 15th Amendment, which guaranteed voting rights regardless of race, creed or previous condition of servitude .
  • Republicans were the first to authorize equal pay for equal work performed by women employed by federal agencies.

Folks, we are Republicans. It’s time to realize what our party stands for. It is what it is… and if you don’t like it… Leave!

If we return to our core principles, it is my genuine belief that many un-enrolled and socially conservative democrats who once left… will come home in time.

Years ago our party went astray and supported rich investment bankers, elitists and then abandoned the core principle of our nation – Life and the dignity of all mankind! It’s time to get back on the path we abandoned as a party so many years ago.

We are a people born out of the wombs of average folks who took down tyrants, dethroned kings and created a land filled with opportunity, with life and liberty for all.

So to all those who are running for Chairman and those voting for the next Chairman, I simply ask the following… Remember from where our party was born…. Don't be afraid to take a stand… and challenge the challengers! 

Defend Life… all Life, not just convenient Life.

Defend Liberty… even if the Press attacks you for doing so!

Promote individual accountability.

Do this and the people will join you. The greatest leaders in history were servants to the people they led. Serve the people! Seek nothing for yourselves.

Waffle, Pander and be a smooth talking politician… and you will become a forgotten name, relegated as one who had an opportunity to make a difference… and squandered it.

And always remember, Democracy is not sacred – Liberty and Life is.

Both are inalienable rights given to us by the great God Almighty. Let no man take either.

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