Will there really be a special election?

Within the half hour, Barack Obama is slated to name John Kerry as his second Secretary of State.  This leads us to the conventional wisdom that there will be a special election.  Recent history, however, says that may not be the case.  Remember it was John Kerry’s presidential run in 2004 that caused the law to be changed to allow a special election in the first place.  

The Democratic Machine, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, has proven to have no respect for the rule of law.  Three convicted Speakers of the House in a row shows this.  They have no moral objection to changing rules, in the middle of the game so to speak, at any time if it helps them gain power.  Why would any of us think this time is going to be different.  

Governor Deval Patrick has already publicly stated his wish that there would be no special election. He also told WTKK, a month ago, that he would sign legislation giving him the power to appoint for a term until the next regularly scheduled state election.  He coyly stated that he doesn’t believe there will a law change though, that the legislature doesn’t have the stomach for it.

The prospect of another year and a half of Senator Brown just might be the Pepto Bismol cure for that queasy stomach.  Look for the law to be changed, on the first day of the new session.  Of course they’ll say its to “save the commonwealth money,” buy you’ll know it will just be about power, the only kind of power the Massachsuetts Democrats know, corrupt power.

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  • …who in mid decade, when they gained control of the three branches for one cycle, they redistricted Democratic Congressional seats into oblivion; or in the spirit of the GOP machines in OH, PA and FL who passed voter restriction laws and openly bragging that these were efforts to suppress Democratic voters…

    …in this spirit, I whole heartily-endorse your suggestions that Dems in MA change the law to most favor them, because elections have consequences.  CHEERS!  

  • Yes, there will really be a special election.

    And, Scott Brown obviously thinks there will be a special election.   That’s why he flip-flopped on assault weapons.   He now favors a federal ban.   He is just etch-a-sketching himself so that he can get elected.

  • He voted with them almost 50% of the time, and enabled them to call horrible legislation, like Dodd-Frank, bipartisan.  

    Sure, they would prefer a Dem, but Brown is not that bad for them either.