What characteristics and qualifications should the new GOP party Chairman have?

We already have a number of seemingly qualified candidates for the soon-to-be-evacuated position of Chairman in our state Party.  All of them will stand before you and tell you what skills, education, experiences they have that will make them the single best candidate.  

What characteristics or qualifications do you think they should have to fill the position?  What are the most important characteristics?

Characteristics/skills/experience/education to consider:

1. Private enterprise

2. Charitable fundraising

3. Political i.e former officeholder

4. Name recognition

5. Campaign Management skills

6. Leadership – different than private enterprise.

7. Atypical GOP Demographic – woman, minority, gay, etc.

8. Education: Law degree vs business degree vs some other degree

9. Military experience

10. Religious affiliation

Those are just the first 10 I thought of.  What recipe would you like to see in the next GOP Chairman?  In other words, lets not have the candidate define the position – let’s have the needs of the position define the candidate.  This is what they do in private enterprise….Just FYI……

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  • Karl Marx

    I like 5, 3 and 7. Much as 9 is attractive it won’t make much of a difference in Massachusetts.

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  • edfactor

    If you get a connected, rich, middle-aged white guy like Chairman Maginn, it’s great for desperately needed fundraising and leveraging what little existing resources we have. But he won’t be progressive on organization or policy or constituencies – or satisfy our too-conservative base.

    If you get a disconnected, middle-aged white guy who is a we-need-to-be-more-conservative person, you get the base excited, but the outreach efforts will fail and fundraising among the existing establishment will falter. You might get better organization but you will find few new recruits. We will still lose women, young people, minorities, college-educated suburbanites, etc.

    If you get a young, socially moderate guy who wants to grow the party and minimize the social conservatives, you get a chance to grow, but the activists won’t muster and he won’t necessarily gain the confidence of the older establishment that provides the money and connections.

    The way I look at it is that you can’t find one guy to handle everything. You probably have to pick one of the three things below to focus on and then hope to at least do well enough with one of the others:

    1. Money and establishment support

    2. Social conservative activist appeal

    3. Grow the party with new demographics

    So I think Jen Nassour has some of 1 and 3, but certainly not 2. She wasn’t strong with either. (And I happen to like Jen.)

    Chairman Maginn is very strong on 1, but has faltered with #2, despite being a down-the-line traditional conservative. (His rejection by the base is all you really need to know about their fundamentalism and anger.) And with #3 he hasn’t done anything.

    I think #3 is the most important going forward. I would pick that in a leader. Hopefully he or she could convince the establishment that growth is everything and that this should be funded.

    As you all know how I feel, I don’t see how picking a #2 guy does anything. You won’t get the establishment and their money, and the RINO-hunters turn off every demographic other than themselves.

    So… I will wait and see if #3 arrives. 😉