What characteristics and qualifications should the new GOP party Chairman have?

We already have a number of seemingly qualified candidates for the soon-to-be-evacuated position of Chairman in our state Party.  All of them will stand before you and tell you what skills, education, experiences they have that will make them the single best candidate.  

What characteristics or qualifications do you think they should have to fill the position?  What are the most important characteristics?

Characteristics/skills/experience/education to consider:

1. Private enterprise

2. Charitable fundraising

3. Political i.e former officeholder

4. Name recognition

5. Campaign Management skills

6. Leadership – different than private enterprise.

7. Atypical GOP Demographic – woman, minority, gay, etc.

8. Education: Law degree vs business degree vs some other degree

9. Military experience

10. Religious affiliation

Those are just the first 10 I thought of.  What recipe would you like to see in the next GOP Chairman?  In other words, lets not have the candidate define the position – let’s have the needs of the position define the candidate.  This is what they do in private enterprise….Just FYI……

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