Warren, Patrick and Obama have yet to issue public condolences to Sen Brown.

When a family member of a noted political figure passes away it is generally good form for others in the same delegation to offer a kind word or public condolence to the elected official.

It has now been 3 days and Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren has yet to issue any formal public condolences to Senator Scott Brown on the passing of his father.  Maybe she is waiting for Deval Patrick to comment first?  And maybe Deval Patrick is waiting for Barack Obama to go first?  And maybe they are all waiting for Mayor Menino to say something?  Either way, not a single one of them has offered any public condolences to Senator Scott Brown.  In fact, I don’t think John Kerry or any member of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation has made a statement!  

Brian McGrory, the tongue-twisted imbecile Editor of the sinking ship known as The Boston Globe has yet to write anything other than the standard form letter obit in his paper. Yet, Elizabeth Warren’s dog got a 2,000 word biography from McGrory when it kicked the bucket…

Are the liberals in this state so full of hate that they can’t even reach across the aisle when a Senator’s father passes away, to offer a kind word?  

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