Scott Brown’s Father Passed Away

Scott Brown’s father, Claude Bruce Brown, passed away today after a battle with Parkinson’s diesase.  Robert Rizzuto of the Springfield Republiican, has the story.

Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s father, Claude Bruce Brown of Newburyport, died Thursday afternoon following a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, according to the senator’s office in Washington.

“Growing up, my relationship with my Dad was a complicated one. As we have both matured, our relationship, respect and love for each other also matured,” Brown said in a statement. “He was a good man with a big heart. Gail, Ayla and Arianna and I are thankful for his wife Peggy, her family and their unwavering love for him during his final days. I will miss his guidance and sense of humor.”

Please keep Scott, Ayla, Arianna, and Gail in your thoughts at this time.

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  1. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Let’s hope the assholes on BlueMassGroup leave his family alone … at least for a week anyway.  

  2. I wonder if Brian McGrory will give this story as much ink as when Elizabeth Warren’s dog died?  {Elizabeth Warren’s Private Agony.…  It was a f*cking dog, damnit!

    I have $10 that says he won’t mention a word…..

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