Rockland RTC Chairman expresses displeasure with Plymouth Co. Sheriff

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To the readership of Red Mass Group,

With a nearly a full month passed since the election, I write with some unhappy news. Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald (R-Kingston) was featured prominently in a piece for far-left liberal State Representative Rhonda Nyman (D-Hanover) in her rematch against Korey Welch (R-Rockland). Of course it is unclear as to how much influence this may have had on the voters of the 5th Plymouth District (Hanover, Norwell and Rockland), but many Republicans are extremely upset that the Sheriff would allow himself to be in a position to be featured so prominently and knowing there is a Republican challenger.

It’s hard enough to run against the extremely organized Democratic machine. But to have somebody in your own party come out, more or less, against you when there is no apparent reason as to why he has, it becomes a demoralizing blow to any campaign.

I ask that the sheriff explain himself and why he endorsed and supported Representative Nyman.

Please examine these pictures from her re-election kickoff, of which he apparently gave the introductory remarks. It’s important to note the sheriff made no appearances at any event for Korey Welch.…

I will attempt to upload the actual piece soon. Again, I am highly disappointed and feel that Republicans should at least have knowledge of what the sheriff did.


Jared Valanzola

Chairman, Rockland Republican Town Committee

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    an outstanding 1981 season with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  I was fresh out of high school when you won the Cy Young Award and the Rookie of the Year Award in 1981.  Unbelievable!  Do you still throw the ball around anymore?

  • Perry Mason

    I actually followed this race(Hanover)pretty closely, and was not suprised at all, frankly, that MacDonald had nice things to say about Mrs. Nyman.  The race was essentially a rematch of two years ago, when Welch ran against Rhonda, who had succeeded her husband, Bob, afer his death three years ago. Nyman was a Democrat but treated MacDonald and other Republicans well during his time in town politics and later as St. Rep. He always invited the sheriff to his annual St. Patrick’s dinner and treated him like a friend, despite McD’s ties to the GOP. In contrast, Welch’s first race turned nasty early and this year wasn’t much better.  The low point was when Welch’s mother got arrested for stealing Rhonda’s signs (google it). This year, the RSC sent around an amateurish cartoon mailing which was embarassing to all concerned. Ditto on the website. Seems to most conbservative voters that MacDonald wasn’t much different than Ray Flynn or other Democrats willing to say something nice about Scott Brown as someone willing to work across the aisle. Besides, calling Nyman a far-left liberal is exactly the sort of stupid, pointless name calling that has reduced the Mass GOP to 12 percent and falling fast. She seems a lot like Bob, if not as politically savvy, and people generally like her.  I do like you in the Subway ads though, Jared  — keep up the good work.            

  • Jared is right on the money on this one. The sheriff had to know that Nyman was one of the Reps that we considered to be vulnerable in the past election given the conservative leanings of this district. For him to publicly support Nyman is inexcusable. If he had a problem with Welch, just stay out of it. I know several elected officials who have not supported candidates of their party for whatever reason and they don’t publicly endorse the other candidate. As much as I appreciate Sheriff McDonald for his great work over the years, he was wrong here.  

  • To Perry Mason,

    She is a far-left liberal Representative. So what? I have no problem calling myself a right-wing Conservative. It’s how she votes and it’s who she is. It’s not name-calling.

    I, too, personally like the Nyman’s and have also gone to their St. Patrick’s Day Party. But I also fundamentally disagree with her politically, so I’d never vote for her.

    If telling people about a Representative’s voting record is negative campaigning, then I’m sorry you feel that way. I call it being held accountable. Just out of curiosity, how did the bi-partisanship work out for our dear Senator Brown? And did Ray Flynn make such endorsements when he was still mayor of Boston? I highly doubt it.

    It’s still unclear as to why the sheriff came out in support of her. The only explanation I’ve received is she was helpful to him when the Governor cut funds from the Republican sheriffs because of their support of Secure Communities. So she did her job as a Plymouth County Representative.

    Just out of curiosity, in 2016 when the Sheriff is up and there is a Democrat running against him, do any of you actually think Rep. Nyman will be there to support the sheriff?

  • The Sheriff didn’t endorse Rep. Nyman.  The link has no reference to the Sheriff endorsing her. There were no media reports of the Sheriff endorsing her. No endorsement ever appeared in her literature. It would have been big news in the campaign, because Sheriff McDonald is popular Republican.

    As you note, Rep. Nyman stood up to her own party when Gov. Patrick tried to punish the Sheriff for his support of Secure Communities. That’s bipartisanship. She probably won’t endorse him in 2016, but I doubt he’ll support his opponent.

    Sheriff McDonald was the only Republican to beat an incumbent Democrat in 2004.  Or 2006, or 2008.  He won over 140,000 votes when he ran for reelection in 2010.  He has done more for Republican candidates than any other elected official in the region. Ask John McCain, Scott Brown, Charlie Baker, Vinny deMacedo, Susan Gifford, Geoff Diehl, Angelo D’Emelia, Karen Barry, and many others.        

    Attacking Republicans who know how to win elections doesn’t seem to be the path to recovery.