Rockland RTC Chairman expresses displeasure with Plymouth Co. Sheriff

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To the readership of Red Mass Group,

With a nearly a full month passed since the election, I write with some unhappy news. Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald (R-Kingston) was featured prominently in a piece for far-left liberal State Representative Rhonda Nyman (D-Hanover) in her rematch against Korey Welch (R-Rockland). Of course it is unclear as to how much influence this may have had on the voters of the 5th Plymouth District (Hanover, Norwell and Rockland), but many Republicans are extremely upset that the Sheriff would allow himself to be in a position to be featured so prominently and knowing there is a Republican challenger.

It’s hard enough to run against the extremely organized Democratic machine. But to have somebody in your own party come out, more or less, against you when there is no apparent reason as to why he has, it becomes a demoralizing blow to any campaign.

I ask that the sheriff explain himself and why he endorsed and supported Representative Nyman.

Please examine these pictures from her re-election kickoff, of which he apparently gave the introductory remarks. It’s important to note the sheriff made no appearances at any event for Korey Welch.…

I will attempt to upload the actual piece soon. Again, I am highly disappointed and feel that Republicans should at least have knowledge of what the sheriff did.


Jared Valanzola

Chairman, Rockland Republican Town Committee

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