RIP Patrick J. Mogan

The legendary Patrick J. Mogan died today (12/14/12). The Lowell Sun had this to say about the Mill City visionary:

Pat Mogan, the former superintendent of Lowell’s public schools and the man often referred to as “the father of Lowell National Historical Park,” died Friday morning at about 6 a.m.

Mogan, a Norwood native who was also a World War II veteran, a teacher and an urban planner in addition to his role as superintendent, spearheaded the movement to preserve the cultural history of the Mill City through a national park.

The wake will be held at Mahoney Funeral Home at 187 Nesmith Street in Lowell; the date and time have not yet been finalized.

For an overview of Mogan’s achievements, check out the video, “Mogan Speaks“, on YouTube. Mogan’s vision brought together people from both sides of the political divide in the ’60s & ’70s who shared a common concern over the fate of cities in decline. His passion for putting people first coupled with his sense of realism on what could & couldn’t be done helped to launch the revitalization of Lowell. His death should prompt Republican activists to re-engage in the politics of urban communities like Lowell if they & their party wish to be considered serious players in the realm of public policy.

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