Rep. Stephen Smith (D-Everett) to Plead Gulity to Voter Fraud

According to the State House News Service, Carmen Ortiz has announced, Rep. Stephen Smith will plead guilty to civil rights violations stemming from Voter Fraud.  He will also resign his seat effective January 1, 2013 as part of the plea deal.

Everett Democrat Rep. Stephen “Stat” Smith will resign, effective Jan. 1, after federal prosecutors announced Thursday that he has agreed to plead guilty to civil rights violations for his role in submitting absentee ballot applications and casting invalid ballots during elections in 2009 and 2010.  

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz announced the news, saying Smith, 57, will plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of deprivation of rights under color of law.  Under his plea agreement, he will not be allowed to seek elected office for five years.

Prosecutors said Smith is alleged to have cast invalid absentee ballots in support of his races for office for voters who were ineligible or unaware of ballots being cast in their names.

Wonder if he agreed to testify in the probation probe for a lesser sentence?

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  • Karl Marx

    mention that Smith was a Democrat in two cycles of the new hour 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. For those who know that MA is a one-party state, we knew the obvious. But in the age of low information voters omitting the party affiliation of Democrat is one subtle way the media works for the other party.  

  • First, how priceless is it that Rep. Smith was a member of Joint Committee on Election Laws.  This alone should have him paying a higher price than anyone else.

    Next, it will be interesting to see who the “other government officials” that helped in this scheme.  Who are they?  Could the scheme have been used beyond Rep Smith with the impacts on those elections unknown?

    Finally, could this scheme have also impacted the special election and primary for the state senate seat which was a hotly contested race?

    With the news coming out just before Christmas its difficult to see when or if these and other questions will be resolved.

  • Hang the bastard.  

  • Is that he is a Co-Sponsor of this legislation:

    (House, No. 1980) of Michael J. Moran and others for legislation to authorize local boards of registrars to perform random audits of election results in precincts. Election Laws.

    He’s probably rethinking that decision now.  What a loser.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    This plea agreement should include that the dirty bastard won’t be able to accept an appointment to any government position as well.  

    Because, no doubt, Gubna Deval Patrick will have a job waiting for him at some out-of-sight state office making $95k per year…..Until the 5 years are up….

  • No longer should whether or not a Special Election be held and the timing thereof be subject to political considerations.  It should be a simple, straightforward decision tree of when an election should be held just like the current Senate special election law.

    Therefore, I would propose that the Republican caucus submit a bill calling for:

    1) That upon the resignation of a member of the MA Legislature with more than 180 days remaining in their term that a Special Election be called.

    2) Such Special Election shall occur no sooner than 145 days and no later than 160 days from the date of resignation.

    Let’s take the Speaker and others out of the decision process and make it formulaic.

  • He’s my rep and all I have to say is Good Riddance to him and John Kerry.  Things are staring to look up  a bit.  I know Rush calls them the low information voters, I sent him an email saying he should change it to “no information voters” because they have no clue.

    What happened to the Daily Emails?  I have Comcast and they have a tendency to block conservative things.  

    If they are being sent, and Comcast is blocking them, will someone let me know? They are not in the spam folder on the website.  They are lost in mail. Comcast claimed to block spam but many years ago I signed up for Move On Org emails and they were in my email inbox.

    I cannot remember the rep before Smith.  I’m sure he’ll be back in as my rep.  A friend emailed me about this, he’s from MA and knows my district.  I hope Smith blabs about his cohorts and they are prosecuted and indicted.

    We need a fresh start here.  Smith was my rep and I would like a new one, not the same guy I was stuck with last time.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio
  • amfriedman

    I wonder how deep this fraud goes, and how long Everett has had corrupt bureaucrats willing to do favors for unethical politicians like Smith.  Shouldn’t there be a larger investigation as a response?  Why should we be convinced that this is simply one bad apple, given that he was able to pull off this fraud in at least two elections?  Why aren’t there journalists asking more questions?  And yes, it is disgusting that media outlets subtley omit that he is a Democrat.

    What do we do now?  I say: redouble our efforts to enact real electoral reform.

    Right now, there is a comprehensive election reform bill that has an excellent chance of passing this session.  It will modernize our election system: it includes random post-election audits, which can deter fraud, and an online voter registration process, which will save taxpayer money.  There are a ton of groups going to lobby for this bill on July 17th, including the League of Women Voters:

    Sign up and join us!