O’Connell and Buhner are taking a stand

It’s good to see there are some republicans up there on Beacon Hill who aren’t afraid to go against the establishment. Yesterday, one of them Shauna O’Connell (R) teamed up with WRKO’s morning talk show host, Jeff Kuhner, and is sponsoring a bill which would impose mandatory minimum sentences on convicted child rapists. The bill called the “Child Sexual Predator Prevention Act” will impose minimum sentences for each conviction. This act comes as result of the recent arrest of John Burbine on 100 counts of alleged rape and assault on 13 children.

According to an article on WRKO.com, Kuhner is challenging Governor Deval Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray and Speaker of the House, Robert DeLeo to support this bill.

“In his live broadcast on WRKO’s The Kuhner Report this morning, Jeff Kuhner outwardly challenged Governor Deval Patrick, Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray for their support of this legislation, stating: ‘You say your care for the children. How dare you not support a bill that will send a child rapist and molester convicted for 25 years to prison? Now, either you stand with the victims, you stand with the children, or you stand with the pedophiles and the children rapists.'”

Burbine was accused of child molestation two other times and he was never put on trial because no one would come forward.

I have to wonder why a parent wouldn’t want to go forward with a case like this. Could it be that they are afraid that the liberal Massachusetts court system would only let the offender go, especially if this was their first offense? That certainly has happened before under the watch of “Free them all” Deval. This bill will eliminate this fear by imposing those minimum sentences.

Isn’t it funny how when it comes time to raise taxes or when there is a budget shortfall, the Democrats always claim the reasons are because “It’s for the children” yet when there is truly something that is for the children it falls by the wayside.

The recently formed Massachusetts Conservative Assembly, a group trying to bring back true conservative values to Massachusetts issued a statement today supporting this bill:

“The Massachusetts Conservative Assembly is joining Rep. O’Connell and WRKO’s Jeff Kuhner in supporting this bill. We are committed to passing this much needed legislation and will use our resources to support it. This is just one step in many we are trying to take to bring back conservative values to Massachusetts politics.” – Roy Jerman, Chairman, Massachusetts Conservative Assembly

We can only hope that this bill will make a quick journey through the legislative process so we can put the people who belong in jail in jail.  

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  • First, framing this as supporting a child victim or their predator based on supporting this law is asinine.  If we can’t get past that mark, then I’m wasting my time.  

    There is no more hideous crime than this and it is either impossible to have a young child as a witness or very very difficult for parents to allow their child be victimized a 2nd time in the court process.  So the ugly reality is many of these cases get plea bargained.  If the only thing the predator can plead to will get them a 25 yr sentence like you advocate, then they will not plead and will take their chance with a trial.  Given that victims of the most unthinkable crimes could be to young to communicate or many parents won’t allow their older child to testify…THEN THE MONSTER WALKS!

    So there is the ugly reality.  There are certainly lots of things that should be done–like life time parole on top of whatever jail time the creep gets on their first conviction.  Then, when they leave prison, we can throw them back in if they j-walk.  But the solution you support will have horrible unintended consequences.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    has anyone noticed that Jeff Kuhner is a day late on his stories?  He is consistently a day behind everyone else on his stories.  For example: Micheal Graham talked about Sesame Street and divorce two days ago, and today Jeff Kuhner talked about the same story. Between you and me, and the 10,000 people that read this blog,  I don’t want to hear yesterday’s news on today’s radio.  Worse yet is that he had exactly the wrong take on the story….He was 180 degrees wrong!

    I am making a prediction here and now – Jeff Kuhner will be cancelled from his radio show in Boston by Easter…..