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When Dean ran for Senate he lied and said he was endorsed by Bill Clinton. Can we trust him to even run for Chair. Hey Dean dont be the Tim Cahill and spoil the race as an idiot. Get out of the way

Asked to name a Democratic supporter, Republican state senate candidate mentions former president Bill Clinton  

BOSTON – In a live chat today on, Republican state senate candidate Dean Cavaretta claimed that former president Bill Clinton has endorsed his campaign.

The Massachusetts Democratic Party called on Cavaretta to provide more details about President Clinton’s previously undisclosed endorsement.

“What is it with Massachusetts Republicans this year?” asked Massachusetts Democratic Party spokesman Kevin Franck. “Maybe Dean Cavaretta was in a secret meeting with kings and queens when Hilary Clinton, who calls him all the time, rang him to break the news about Bill’s endorsement.”

“It would be pretty big news if a former president decided to wade into a local race to support a long-shot Republican candidate who opposes marriage equality, wants to undo ObamaCare and supports Mitt Romney, but I guess stranger things have happened,” Franck said.                                              

Patch Live Chat, 8/9/12

Comment From Alan: What about Dems4Dean? So far, you’ve only listed endorsements from Republicans. Is this account just you retweeting yourself, because I haven’t met any Dems who support you.

Dean Cavaretta: Alan: I’ll give one: Bill Clinton….

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