Markey to Run in Senate Special Election

I have to admit, this suprised me.  Going from being a veteran House member with seniority and influence, not to mention dean of the house delegation, to a Junior Senator behind Lizzy Warren?  Seems like an odd choice, but nonetheless, Ed Markey is in:

The Boston Globe has the story:

US Representative Edward J. Markey, dean of the state’s Washington delegation, will run in 2013 for the Senate seat expected to open with the nomination of Senator John F. ­Kerry to head the State Department.

Markey, 66, a Malden Democrat elected to the House in 1976, is the first prominent candidate to ­declare a run for Kerry’s seat, which will be filled through a special election early next summer, probably in June. Kerry, a Democrat and head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is expected to be easily confirmed by the Senate in coming weeks as the next secretary of state….

….”I have decided to run for the US Senate ­because this fight is too important,” Markey said in a statement to the Globe. “There is so much at stake….

…Markey declined to be interviewed, and he plans a formal campaign announcement in January. The longtime congressman sees the Senate as a better opportunity while the GOP controls the House of Representatives, according to someone close to Markey but not authorized to speak on his behalf. As a member of the House minority, a Democrat even with such a long incumbency is largely powerless. In the Senate, freshman senators can adopt national platforms and wield influ­ence.

Markey’s announcement was made just three days after Edward M. Kennedy Jr., a son of the late US senator, said he would pass on the Massachusetts race and may run in the future in Connecticut, where he now lives.

If fellow Congressmen Michael Capuano (D-“A little bloody”) and/or Steven Lynch (D-Kicking Iranian Ass since 1979) jump in, we could see a free-for-all blood-letting in the Democratic primary.  As always, developing…..

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  1. I grew up in Malden and left the city in 1967 when I entered the US Air Force in Oct of 1967.

    In June 1967 all College Deferments were eliminated.  Mr. Markey was at Boston College according to his web site. This would mean he lost his college deferment.

    The Malden Draft Board was drafting 20 and 21 year olds in 1967. Markey was born In July 1946. I was born in September 1946. I receive my draft notice in November 1967 but was already in Air Force Basic Training in Amarillo Texas.

    So, how did Markey dodge being drafted? His web site says he joined the US Army Reserves in 1968 at a time when the Reserves had no slot openings. I know this as fact because I had a brother and cousins in the Army Reserves.

    So,how did Mr. Markey get in the Army Reserve in 1968?

    These are questions that have to be answered. The old records in Malden need to be opened up.  

    Did someone give him special treatment to avoid being drafted?

    Did someone pull strings to get Mr. Markey in the Army Reserves to avoid the Draft?

    Mr. Markey isn’t passing the Smell Test on this one!!!!

  2. same as the old boss. This guy hasn’t held a real job since Ford was president. He’s been taking commands from leadership since Tip O’Neill was speaker, and he’s not going to stop now.    

    The Democrats are having such trouble recruiting a good candidate to run in the special election. They clearly are desparate to block Brown, but their A Team is waiting for the real race in two years.

    Brown will have to run a much better campaign than last time, even against a no-talent hack like Markey. I bet six months ago, he never thought a no-talent hack like Warren would kick his ass up and down and all over.  Now he knows.  I’d start with some debate prep- at least we know Harry Reid can’t hold him up with Senate business on the day of the big event.        

  3. Brownie needs to crank up his message:  “I’m just as pro-abort, pro-homosexual marriage and anti-gun as Eddie Markey”.

  4. Hello fellow residents of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    I’m exploring launching a grassroots campaign for The Senate seat that is about to become vacant. Suffice it to say that this is an invitation to visit my blog, read my appeal and, share your thoughts.

    My address is

  5. This is no surprise. Ed Markey’s jumped into every senate race since 1984 – and jumped out as soon as it was apparent he couldn’t win (i.e., almost immediately).

    My bet is that he made a deal – he’s looking for a nice 2 year stint to cap off his illustrious career in The Seat He Couldn’t Win, in exchange for an agreement he wouldn’t run again in 2014.


    As U.S. troop strength in Vietnam increased, more young men were drafted for service there, and many of those still at home sought means of avoiding the draft. Since only 15,000 National Guard and Reserve soldiers were sent to Vietnam, enlistment in the Guard or the Reserves became a popular means of avoiding serving in a war zone. For those who could meet the more stringent enlistment standards, service in the Air Force, Navy or Coast Guard was a means of reducing the chances of being exposed to high-intensity ground combat. Vocations to the ministry and the rabbinate soared, because divinity students were exempt from the draft[citation needed]. Doctors and draft board members found themselves being pressured by relatives or family friends to exempt potential draftees.

  7. an asset not a liability. Brown is a better candidate but the Democrats own too many people who have a vested interest in the bacon, the kick-ass MA delegation delivers.

    Look to the Globe to savage Brown and demoralize the GOP.

  8. Sadly, your information about the 1967 Draft Act is inaccurate.   The Act did not eliminate student deferments.    Individuals who were in college or in graduate school were allowed to keep their II-S deferments until they graduated.    

    It was not a very good system, but that’s how it worked.

    So, Ed Markey received a Bachelors Degree from Boston College in 1968, and he received his law degree in 1972 (also from Boston College).   He would have received automatic deferments the entire time he was in college.

    He didn’t need to join the Army Reserves in order to get a deferment.

  9. Is this a precursor to a change in the law and everyone rallying around a two year appointment for Markey?  I can hear it now:

    -In this time of economic uncertainity, we need the stability which a seasoned statesman like Markey would bring to the Senate

    -A special election is a needless distraction

    -The Commonwealth can’t bear the expense of yet another election (please disregard the expense of the election to replace Rep. Markey)

  10. Draft continued ’til 1973.  In 1968, and no end to the conflict in sight, graduates were scrambling for national guard or something.

    Further, he graduated from college in ’68 and it took him 4 years to get a law degree?  There must have been some period of time following BC graduation during which he was otherwise exposed to the draft.

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