Libertarian Republican Eric Dondero is excited by a quote from Senator Hedlund

The tendentious Eric Dondero, self-proclaimed Libertarian Republican, is intrigued that state Senator Robert Hedlund is “the go-to guy” for a quote in the Boston Herald.

The Hedlund quote:

“They are freaked out,” state Sen. Robert Hedlund (R-Weymouth) said after U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry, Victoria Kennedy and the party’s Senate campaign committee all rushed to back Markey, a consummate Washington insider.

“Let them coalesce and let them have a non-primary situation and keep the rust on him,” Hedlund said of the 19-term Democrat, who has never had a serious re-election fight but would likely face battle-tested Republican Scott Brown in the race to fill Kerry’s seat. “Fine by me. You’re going to have a huge contrast in how those two will campaign.”

Dondero praises Hedlund as the sort of libertarian that could appeal to his faction in the GOP — though the former “disgrunlted” aide to Ron Paul doesn’t raise the possibility of a Hedlund for U.S. candidacy.

“Bob Hedlund is an all-around libertarian: Hardline free marketeer, devotee of Austrian economics, supporting an end to the Fed, a return to the gold standard. Hedlund’s also stridently anti-moocher, last year introducing legislation to stop EBT card users from using taxpayer dollars to buy booze, cigarettes, junk food and crack cocaine.

On civil liberties, he’s a down-the-line “rock ‘n roll” libertarian, an amateur guitarist and night club comedian, and frequent guest speaker at pro-marijuana legalization rallies throughout Massachusetts.”

Bob Hedlund is a breath of fresh air in the MA GOP. From what I heard Hedlund was also against the Iraq War, a wise position in hindsight and one that might put him at odds with “national defense” libertarian Dondero.

Given Dondero’s obsession with finding fault and highlighting the foibles of folks who happen to be Muslim, one of his major efforts  — among others — over at LR, I can safely say I’m not one of his fans.

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