Leading the Nation in Legal Shakedowns

Facts are these.  Guy owns hotel.  Criminal rents room and sells drugs; gets busted. Government seizes hotel.

“The Motel Caswell is a place people go to distribute, buy and use illegal drugs,” federal prosecutor Sonya Rao told a judge. It is a “dangerous property.”

U.S. Attorney Ortiz said through a spokeswoman last week that the government wanted to send a message by going after the motel. But just up the street from the Caswell, the Motel 6, Walmart and Home Depot have all experienced a similar rate of drug crimes on their properties over the years, according to Caswell’s attorneys.

Should the government win its case, it will sell off Caswell’s property and give the Tewksbury Police 80 percent of the take.

This case is only one.  After all, Massachusetts apparently leads the nation in shakedowns. Carmen Ortiz appears to be so proud.

Scarier: Governor to be Ortiz?

…U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz announced today that the District of Massachusetts collected over $8.8 billion in FY 2012 related to criminal and civil actions, which accounts for over 67% of the total nationwide actions.  Of this amount, over $1.3 billion was collected in criminal actions and over $7.5 billion was collected in civil actions.  Additionally, the office collected over $61 million in criminal and civil forfeitures.


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