Kirsten Hughes, Statement of Candidacy for MassGOP Chair

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I received this email today from Kirsten Hughes, declared candidate for the chairmanship of the Massachusetts Republican Party.  To my knowledge, Kirsten is the first candidate to officially announce her candidacy.

Let us see if this kicks off a wave other formal announcements of candidacy.  The next State Committee meeting, which is when the election will be held, has yet to be announced but notification of it should come shortly.  It will occur sometime in January 2013.

The only editing that I’ve made was to redact Kirsten’s cell phone number & email address.  While the email went to at least the entire State Committee, I’m not comfortable giving out such things on a presumably widely read public blog even if she uses it for political/business reasons.  I’ll leave it Kirsten, or someone on her behalf, can disseminate that information.

December 6, 2012

Dear State Committee Members,

I am writing to you today to declare my candidacy for Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party. In light of Bob Maginn’s decision not to seek reelection, I have called Bob to let him know of my intentions as I have great respect and admiration for him. From my position on Senator Scott Brown’s finance team, I saw first-hand how diligently he worked to raise money for our candidates up and down the ticket. The impressive level of funding he delivered to legislative candidates is a strategy I look forward to progressing.  There is no doubt that Bob will retain an active role in the Party and we are stronger for his leadership.

Many of you know me as an employee of the MassGOP, when in 2010 I ran our very successful state convention in Worcester and served as the political field director, when we more than doubled our House caucus members in the State Legislature. Most recently, I served as the Deputy Finance Director for Senator Scott Brown’s re-election campaign, helping raise more money than any other incumbent U.S. Senate campaign in the country. Last year, I was honored to be elected City Councilor in Quincy after running a true grassroots campaign in a district with only 10% registered Republicans!

It was during my time working at the MassGOP helping others run their campaigns (and by running my own campaign for elected office) that I discovered the value of our Republican town and city committees to local candidates. I received critically important help from the Quincy Republican City Committee and could not have won without their support. A commitment to expanding Republican leadership at the local level is vital to establishing a statewide farm team of candidates. In order to win at the local level, we must recruit and train new candidates and reach out to new voters.

As a locally elected official, I know it takes hard work, not just talk, to win! As Republicans, we know we have the right message and solutions for the Massachusetts voters.  It’s a matter of getting out there and getting our message to their door step. I’m fully committed to ensuring that the MassGOP provides our candidates and local committees with the data and people needed to win. We must prioritize our Republican community leaders and lift them into the elected arena.

To prepare for 2014, the MassGOP must set out in a new conservative direction and present a crystal clear message of bringing balance to Beacon Hill. The recipe includes long hours of face to face campaigning. The Massachusetts Republican Party needs to be competitive in the areas of party registration, fundraising, and candidate recruitment. I have worked in all these areas during the last few cycles and have what it takes to move us forward.

I have been tremendously fortunate to work closely with the leaders of our Party, and passionate supporters who are committed to building our future. I have had the privilege of working with many of you and your candidates. I promise to be a full-time Chair who will be in the field every day providing conservative leadership with a commitment to strengthening our grassroots organizations. In fact, I am grassroots!

As a life-long Massachusetts Republican, I know our mission is difficult; but, more importantly, I care deeply about our future. With great excitement, I look forward to meeting the challenges we face and winning seats at every level of government! I stand with and admire those who run for any elected position as a Republican in our Commonwealth. Thus, I greatly respect the role you have in regards to our future. Before I ask for your vote to be the next Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party, I want to earn it! If you do not hear from me first, please feel free to call me on my cell phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email me at Also, please visit my website,, that will be up and running this week, to find out more about my qualifications and vision for the future of the MassGOP. Thank you for your time.


Kirsten Hughes

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  • edfactor

    First, I once met Ms. Hughes. (I am sure she does not remember me.) I thought she was a really nice, positive, and professional person. I am glad she is active in the party.

    However, her introduction speech is utterly detached from the severity of the challenges we face. Lots more tired slogans about the local level, a farm team, etc, etc. Everyone says that every time in every election.

    In light of the party now being unable to win at the statewide or federal level, this kind of agenda isn’t enough. I would want a chairman or chairwoman to address the following things:

    1. Many, including Richard Tisei and Senator Brown, have said that the national GOP brand hurts us badly in this state. What, specifically, would you do about that?

    2. Fundraising continues to be a major problem, despite how wealthy this state is and how many successful people there are in this state who are certainly not Democrats. Why can’t we get them to give money? What would you do differently?

    3. The party is way too old, way too white, and as you certainly know, way too male. What would you do about that?

    4. The conservative base of the party is politically very far from the views of the unenrolled voter and their voices make it hard for the main street Republicans to be heard. How will we get a bigger tent that anyone wants to walk into if the angry people of our party are in there making a lot of noise?

    5. The technology situation of the party is absurd. The SC has begun some reform efforts. How would you approach this topic?

    6. We get crushed in the cities for most of our elections. (This guarantees defeat for almost all state senate seats, for instance.) Why is this happening? What can be done about it? How much of this is policy and how much is branding?

    7. Should the party platform include the “social issues” when an unshakeable majority of the state does not support these positions, such as the ones adopted by the SC at their last meeting?

    I could go on and on. But what about all this stuff?


    – Ed

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Can we have a ruling on this?  Is it chairman or chairwoman if a woman is elected?  I thought we hashed it out before with Jen Nassour and we ruled it was “Chairman”  But then again I remember giving her so much shit that I may have just dreamed it.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    According to all my Democrat friends, all women have left the Republican party and are now fighting tooth-and-nail to keep their unalienable constitutional right to free birth control.  The rest are trying to work harder than their male counterparts as they only get paid about 70 cents on the dollar.  How is it that Kirsten has better things to do?  

    I have other questions for Kirsten as well:

    1. Is Kirsten a Cherokee?  

    2. Does she have sick dog to humanize her run for office?

    3. Does she pratice law without a MA law license?

    4. Is she paid $350,000 a year as a part timer in her current job?

    5. Is she an Oakie down to her toes?

    If she can answer ‘No’ to any of these questions it is unlikely that anyone from Massachusetts will support her.  

    I guess the only true candidate, seeing as RRRR has withdrawn is…..well……still…!

  • I’d redact involvement with the fiasco-laden convention.

    Improper ballot tally sheets, lost reservations, bad communication….