Jon Golnik For MAGOP Chair

Jon Golnik ran twice for Congress in 2010 and 2012. Jon beat back three candidates in our 2010 Republican primary and one opponent in 2012. Granted he lost to Niki Tsongas. One thing I agree with Sen. John Kerry is that the voters are stupid. Jon has earned his respect.

I met Jon in 2010 during the 2010 primary. I hated him. I was working for one of the losing candidates. As that interminable contest ran on, I got to know Jon. Turned out he wasn’t really a horrible person as I’d hoped. Jon invited me to work on his post-primary campaign team, but I was offered a position with Tom Wesley too. My friends who were working for Wesley talked me into it. So did Tom Wesley.  

Come 2012, we renewed acquaintance at Sheriff Lew Evangelides’ annual senior’s picnic. Jon again offered me a chance to help out. This time I accepted, and was welcomed to the Golnik staff by everyone involved.

What struck me as really encouraging were the ages of the Golnik staff and volunteers. 80% were under 30! We need these young people to remain involved in our party. I believe Jon Golnik to be the person to do that as our next party chair.

You want Hispanic recruiting? Jon can communicate in Spanish; I’ve seen him work a crowd. If we really are intent on building the party, Jon’s our man.  

You want someone who won’t back down to democrats? Jon is the man. The spankings he put on Tsongas were things of beauty to Republicans who can’t take beatings anymore. I personally would love to see Jon send Maryann Marsh home crying on WCVB’s “On The Record” on Sunday mornings.

Jon is a true conservative. I am a social moderate; yeah I’ve been called a RINO too many times to remember anymore. What I love about Jon is he listens to everyone. Jon wants to hear what you have to say.

We need Jon Golnik as our next party chair!

Respectfully submitted

Alan Linkevich, Millbury

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