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  • edfactor

    As someone who had a son just four months ago, I recognize that this is not only a good thing, but one of the best of things. Congrats, Ms. Hughes! I wish you the best of luck.

    (Could a new mom handle the burdens of being chairwoman of this devastated party? I am not qualified to say. I look forward to Republican women discussing this issue… without me.)

  • edfactor

    Brock –

    The headline you used is…. “John Philip Hughes…”

    So Kirsten didn’t take her husband’s last name when she got married. (At least she doesn’t use it in public. I don’t know what her legal name is.)

    But regardless, I highly doubt the child will bear the name of the mother instead of the father or some hyphenation. Could it be? I suppose so, but that would be pretty…. uncommon. Her Facebook page only mentions “John Philip” and not a surname.

    I was just saying this because it momentarily appeared that the boy had a single mother. 😉